This case may be called the South End Werewolf, but it seems to be more a case of possession. There isn't any man growing fur and fangs, or anything like that. It all took place in Essex England with the victim being a man named Bill Ramsey. Now, Bill grew up utterly normal with a stereotypical childhood with no high strangeness whatsoever. That is until the age of 9, where something extremely bizarre happened to him that would change his life forever.

One day Bill was playing in the backyard as children do when out of nowhere, an icy feeling fell over his body that caused him to start sweating massively. As this phenomenon was happening, all he could see in his mind’s eye was a pack of wolves and the ocean waves pounding against the sand. A strange smell surrounded him he could not escape from, something genuinely nasty.

The visions ran through his mind in a flurry of flashing images

Horrified beyond belief, the young child did all he could really and cried as he screamed for his mother for help. When Bill’s parents ran out because of their kids screaming, they found him tearing out a post and garden fence straight up out of the ground. The parents were frozen in horror as their 9-year-old son threw the fence over his head. He then started chewing on it with his teeth like an animal. When he looked at his parents, the young Bill they knew was not there; instead, a feral beast leered and growled at them to the point the grown adults retreated inside. They did not leave the house again until Bill calmed down.

This extremely bizarre situation only happened once in Bill Ramsey’s childhood, but he and his parents never forgot the terrifying incident. I mean, he grew up pretty normal for the most part and eventually even got married and had some kids. However, things quickly took a turn for the weird around two years into his marriage.

Bill began to have terrible night terrors. And not just randomly once in a while, but every single night. The nightmares were so bad it caused him to scream as he woke up, and he was covered in a cold sweat every time. These wolf nightmares would continue for some time to haunt him, but would eventually fade away.

He would wake up screaming from the nightmares every single night

One fateful evening later Bill was hanging out with some friends at a bar (or I mean pub since he's English) and was having a good night. Then all of a sudden out of nowhere, he began to experience the same horror that came over him as a child so long ago while he was playing in his parent's backyard. Feeling overwhelmed and close to panic, Bill stumbled away from his friends saying he had to go to the bathroom. Bill slowly made his way to the sink staggering the whole way, but when he looked up into the mirror, it was not his face looking back at him.

He ran from the bathroom all kinds of messed up, and his friends were so worried they decided it was best to take him home. But on the way home, it seemed the wolf had finally taken control of Bill once more just as it did as a child. He attacked his friend next to him, biting deep into his leg with bestial snarls and raked at him with his fingers bent as if they were claws. The driver pretty freaked out slammed on the bakes, and the car squealed to a sliding halt. It took his friends quite a lot of effort to rip him off his friend and pull him from the vehicle. Eventually, he calmed down, but this incident horrified all involved. It was like Bill was possessed, the person they knew gone entirely, replaced with a hideous beast.

Later just before Christmas, Bill gave everyone who knew him another scare because he was suffering from severe heart pain. They rushed him to the hospital people thinking he had a heart attack. Bill went through the motions and seemed reasonable and completely not possessed; just in pain. However, all of a sudden as the nurse was doing a routine blood test, Bill freaked out and started acting bestial once more. Ferociously growling and howling like a wolf with the ability of a talented Hollywood actor. He bit into the nurse who was taking his blood. She screamed in horror and struggled against him, but she was helpless. As people swarmed him, Bill let her go but anyone who tried to grab him got thrown across the room with Bill’s superhuman strength. Whatever dark forces controlled him were far too much for any ordinary person to deal with in any practical way.

When Bill was under the influence of the werewolf spirit there was very little that could stop him

Some witnesses in The South End Werewolf case even claimed that Bill’s body physically transformed to become more bestial. The security guards wrestled with him violently. Only barely managing to get some handcuffs on him while the doctors busted out the most potent tranquilizers they had and pumped him full of em. When he awoke, everything was back to normal. But the nightmarish experience haunted Bill, and those who knew him could tell he was suffering as he looked at them through feverish eyes.

It didn’t take long for the surge of cold to rush through him again, and the wolf spirit to take over. He struggled to make it to the hospital but fell into his possessed state upon his arrival. Then Bill once again began attacking everyone who came near him like an animal. It took six cops to take him down this time, and they imprisoned him. Everyone, (including professionals) told him he needed to check into an insane asylum, but he knew he wasn’t crazy, and resorted to a more esoteric solution.

Ed and Lorrain Warren

At this time is where the Warrens came in. Ed and Lorrain Warren were already famous demonologists by now and well known for their paranormal investigations. They took Bill to America, and the case blew up big time, basically going global. It was all over media, the notorious “Wolf Man” was an international sensation. Eventually the Warrens, after keeping a steady eye on Bill, and Lorraine using her psychic abilities concluded that there was an entity of a demonic nature that had attached itself to Bill since he was a small child. After the paranormal investigators performed an exorcism, Bill never suffered from any more bouts of uncontrollable bestial behavior.

Whatever the warrens did it worked in curing Bill's bizarre affliction, and so ends the very real tale of the South End Werewolf. It is one of the lesser-known tales of Ed and Lorrain's career, but it's definitely one of the most fascinating.

Just avoid demonic werewolf spirits

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