Some monsters take a more subtle route when hunting victims. The Kuri is one such creature. Lots of people die in the wild and are usually buried in shallow makeshift graves. The Kuri lurks around such graves. And if either by accident or out of curiosity, someone approaches this monster’s lair, then the Kuri will attach itself to them.

They are very subtle at first, being mostly just beyond the veil of the material world. So when someone becomes latched onto by a Kuri, they most likely won’t even be aware of it for some time. Slowly though, the monster will give its victim hints about its existence over weeks if not months. In the beginning, it’s just otherworldly whispers. When the victim sleeps, it reveals itself to them in their dreams. The Kuri will touch them randomly throughout their daily routine with their cold invisible fingers, startling them randomly. As the victim’s fear and bewilderment grow, so too will the Kuri’s fun, because its presence will become stronger and stronger in its manifestations.

What if you were talking to a loved one, and all of a sudden, this was their face?

When the victim talks to close relatives, the Kuri will supernaturally put its monstrous face over the family member’s appearance. This creates despair in the victim because they’ll feel that they have no one to talk to in asking for help from their nightmarish reality. However, the Kuri will never reveal themselves to anyone other than their prey, which creates cracks in their victim’s sanity.

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Eventually, the creature will tell their victim they wish to return to the grave where the person first encountered the entity (whether they knew it or not), and it latched onto them. The Kuri will promise freedom from its torment, allowing the person to live a normal life once more. By this time, the victim is usually on the brink of insanity and will comply with the Kuri’s wishes. The victim rarely remembers where the grave was, especially in their unbalanced state, so the Kuri leads the way.

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The monster will encourage the victim to continue, saying that “they’re close” or “just a little further,” but in truth, the victim is just wondering around in the wild aimlessly. And eventually, the victim will be too exhausted, dehydrated, and starving to go any further and will collapse. As the victim slowly dies by starvation or the elements, the Kuri tells them how much it’s going to enjoy dragging their soul to hell. And not too long after that, a new grave will be made for the Kuri where it can wait for its next unsuspecting victim.

The salvation a Kuri offers is always a lie

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