This demonic monster comes from the Philippines and is created whenever a fetus is aborted. Which is pretty sad, I don’t like monster legends that have to do with children or babies being harmed, but the tikbalang is just too creepy to pass up.

The monster looks like a living nightmare

Their appearance is…. pretty bizarre too. For the most part, the tikbalang have jet black skin, but there are stories of a rare form of the monster where it has stark white skin. The white ones are FAR more powerful and magically potent too. These monsters have massively oversized dicks, and they have thick horse manes with bony spikes that protrude randomly. Instead of normal horse teeth, they have a wide gaping mouth with grotesquely bulbous fangs. A tikbalang’s feet are clawed, and their legs are waaaay longer than they should be. Like, creepy long, to the point that when they sit down their knees go above their head. These things are pure nightmare fuel and extremely unnerving. Just the sight of one can freeze someone in place or be a catalyst for insanity.

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A tikbalang will never come out during the day. It is a solely nocturnal monster. One of their favorite things to do is abduct women then throw them into bamboo cages. The women can be held captive for differing amounts of time, with the longer bits of captivity far more terrifying for the victim because all she is forced to witness. However all these abductions for the most part end in the same way: with the woman’s horribly grisly and painfully brutal death. These murders can range from outright straightforward fatalities to incredibly creative and disturbing kills. Each of the monsters is different and has different tastes in killing based on their moods.

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They’ll also play tricks on travelers, and try to lead them astray. Either to kill them when they get lost after a lot of psychological trauma (how has a horror movie not been made on these?), or they’ll just lead travelers off their path to get lost and die by the elements, starvation, dehydration, or just becoming food for beasts in the surrounding area. There are always predators hunting for prey in the Philippine wilderness.

The occult powers of this entity are quite formidable

A tikbalang is incredibly dangerous with their claws and teeth, but their deadliest asset goes far beyond being a mere physical threat. These monsters have supernatural abilities to complement their already formidable arsenal. They can alter the laws of probability around people causing them to have bad luck. They can spread sickness or cause outbreaks of disease in entire communities. Tikbalang can also penetrate the very minds of their victims. Like, bewildering people, causing them to become confused when they weren’t a moment before. But, one of the more frightening things they can do in this way causes people to lose their senses. Like spontaneously making someone blind, or taking away someone’s sense of smell and such.

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When a tikbalang wants to get out of somewhere in a hurry they can summon a dusty cloud with falling stones inside basically teleporting them away. However, this is kind of overkill because they can just go invisible whenever they want. Tikbalang can also take any size or form they wish, so they can be disguised as an animal too. Though this is more to assist in the way they enjoy sadistically causing psychological trauma in people than anything practical. It does help them in the hunt though as victims may try and hide in a hard to reach or compact place their normal form is unable to get to. A victim high up or hiding in a tree will just find a giant tikbalang staring at them menacingly. There really is nowhere to hide from this monster once it decides you are its next plaything.

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Speaking of trees, tikbalang mostly live up in balete and kalumpang rees, or they’re also found in banana trees and bamboo groves. They also like to make the underside of bridges their lair, or near a hot spring. But a tikbalang will pretty much make use of any sparsely populated foilage overgrown area their home if all else is unavailable. So, for the most part, people in densely populated areas are pretty safe from encountering this monster.

Just the mere sight of a tikbalang is enough to cause insanity in the weak-minded

These demonic entities enjoy murdering people in extremely grisly fashion while also inflicting as much psychological trauma as possible and can seem almost unbeatable. But there are actually a few ways to avoid such a horrifying fate. For example, if a Tikbalang is near you can easily hear its call. It goes “Tik-Tik” which is a heads up you’ve stumbled near its territory and to GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE! However, if someone is ballsy enough and has no choice but to journey through the monster’s lair you may request passage by showing a Tikbalang respect saying “by your leave” or by flipping your shirt inside out (what). Hopefully, the monster is in a good mood and will let you pass without suffering a fate worse than death.

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A Tikbalang can also be brought under someone’s control like a servant if they possess insane courage or suicidal recklessness. You just have to make a special occult rope then jump on the monster’s back somehow. Use the rope to keep from falling off by wrapping it around the spikes on the Tikbalang’s mane, because it is going to try and shake you off it with supernatural strength. But if you can hold on then the monster will eventually tire itself out (the occult rope hinders its magical abilities). It will admit defeat, and when this happens you have to pluck one of the monster’s thickest spikes from its mane. You are free to escape then and must craft the spike into a talisman. BOOM! You now have a horrifying demonic monster servant that will carry out your will no matter how deplorable the orders you give it may be. They can murder rivals, protect villages from other monsters, or even perform manual labor.

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However, there is a catch.. A Tikbalang will want its freedom back. They possess a magic jewel that’s actually the source of its power. They’ll offer it to the person controlling them in exchange for their freedom. Though without their magic jewel they will most likely vanish from the physical plane of existence back to where they came from. At least until they get their hands on a new magic jewel in the other infernal dimension, and will return to seek vengeance against the one that originally forced them into servitude.

Do you think you have the guts to survive a tikbalang encounter?

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