In the freezing lands of the Inuit, tribes live a race of shadow people. The Tariaksuq, as they’re called, live a very similar life to the way normal human beings do. They have families and homes, as well as use tools and build things. They use weapons to fight, and all-around can think with logical awareness, among many other similarities.

They are there, yet they are not

However, a human being can never look at a Tariaksuq, because it would vanish instantaneously back to its own world. They live in an alternate reality that is a mirror version of our realm. Because of this, they cannot be directly looked at, but their shadow is clear as day. This shadow can be attacked and the Tariaksuq can be killed. Only then will the being’s corpse become visible to the naked eye.

Seems like an interesting existence

In Inuit legend the shadow people can’t hunt while mounted for some reason, so they will always be encountered on foot. The Tariaksuq can also be heard in certain conditions. If one hears footsteps in the woods at night, it’s probably a group of the beings looking at you. Laughter is commonly heard coming from the shadows if they spot a travelers camp. The sound otherworldly and unnerving. Though dangerous, they are not overtly hostile towards human beings, and according to legend, some Inuit have even managed to travel over into their world. Most never return.

The realm of the Tariaksuq is in between the spirit world and the material world. So they partially inhabit both and are even able to perceive both at the same time. They are very shy, almost always vanishing when any human even comes close to them. If one is invited to journey into their world through some chance, they are rumored to dress similar to Eskimos. They also look extremely similar to humans but their faces are featureless and they have white glowing eyes.

Tariaksuq may or may not kill you depending on circumstances

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