The brightest star we’re able to see from Earth is the Sirius A star located in the Canis Major constellation. According to some UFO phenomenon enthusiasts and New Age thinkers, the Sirians are sentient alien beings originating from this area of space. Sirians are allegedly many alien species not from a single planet birthed civilization. They’re a federation of sorts who are varied in form and nature, with some even being more gaseous or immaterial than anything we would consider humanoid. The diversity of alien species in the Canis Major constellation is immense, basically ranging from beings so bizarre they’re beyond comprehension, to everything you would imagine from sci-fi T.V. shows. Sirians also have many shades of grey when it comes to their morality and cultural outlooks. There are selfish races, imperialistic, enlightened, benevolent, and anything in between. The only thing they all have in common is their unity. The negative civilizations are said to be focused in the Sirius B star system for the most part and prefer to avoid hostility with the other Sirians.

Canis Major Constellation

An interesting real fact about Sirius B star (which is invisible to the naked eye) is that it was known to the Dogon Tribe of West Africa centuries before it was discovered by science. The isolated community had little to no contact with the outside world yet had an almost modern understanding of astronomy. The tribe is believed to be of Egyptian descent but became its own culture with a history dating back to 3200 BCE. How these ancient people knew an invisible star existed that wasn’t discovered until the modern telescope was invented is a mystery till this day. But, while any mainstream objective answer remains elusive, the legends of the Dogon tribe tell an interesting story. This culture had an understanding of the universe long before other civilizations came to the conclusion the Earth was a sphere. 

The Dogon history tells of a time when the tribe was visited by elegant blue humanoids called the Aquatics who came from the world of Nommos. A planet that was comfortably warm but almost completely covered in water. They came to the tribe in a great boat that could fly like birds and exchanged knowledge about astronomy with them. Including the location of their homeworld in the Canis Major constellation, and of course Sirius B (the invisible star.) Explaining that the star couldn’t be seen in the night’s sky because Sirius A’s intense illumination blocked it out. Dogon artifacts dating back 400 years or more perfectly resemble the Canis Major constellation, as well as the accurate orbit of the stars. Which is funny because it wasn’t until 1970 astronomers had a telescope advanced enough to see Sirius B. The Dogons also knew about the moons of Jupiter and rings of Saturn. Which is a ton of ridiculously accurate information concerning space for such a secluded ancient African tribe. The Nommos Aquatics allegedly gifted the Dogon tribe cosmic knowledge as a sign of friendship. So they’re definitely not hostile to humans if real. This E.T. race also supposedly visited the Babylonian, Akkadian, and Sumerian civilizations. With many ancient myths that could be translated as being these blue aliens in flying boats.

An ancient Dogon depiction of the Aquatics

However, the Aquatics happen to be just one of the Sirian E.T. races. There are so many different types of Sirians it would be difficult to try and explain them all in a short entertaining article. One of the other Sirian E.T. races you could call good come from a planet orbiting the star Vegan in the Lyran system. They (allegedly) fought in a great galactic war against the Reptilian race. They lost and were forced to leave their original homeworld, going into hiding to avoid extinction or enslavement by the Reptilians, and eventually settled in the Canis Major constellation among the Sirians. They’re close with a cat person race, the Lyrans, who were also forced to flee their original homeworld in the war. This race of Sirian is called the Katayy. To us modern humans they could be described as looking humanlike with elven type qualities from fantasy literature (yea this New Age E.T. stuff can get pretty out there but at least it’s interesting.) They’re taller than humans, have hues of blue skin, with no body hair, and are more evolved than us by a good stretch, to say the least. These Sirians have even evolved to the point they’ve developed extra lobes in their brains, which gives them an ability to see far beyond humans. They can see inside and through objects or view things in multiple dimensions at once while still maintaining their 3rd-dimensional sight. Which sounds pretty cool. Their crazy evolved brains have also granted them psychic and telepathic abilities.

The Katayy culture I guess could be described as Zen-like with a focus on spirituality. Despite this though they’re considered great warriors in the galactic community. This E.T. race was supposedly one of the early visitors to Earth around four or five million years ago. Their genes, as well as Pleiadian E.T. genes, were allegedly part of the ingredients to create human DNA and the Katayy assisted in the evolution process for many different animal species on the planet. But there’s so much lore on aliens who supposedly had a hand in the creation of humans ya really just gotta throw this one on the pile.

So, the Sirians are basically a cosmopolitan mix of aliens, with a whole bunch of them clustered together in a tight-knit area. The Aquatics are a favorite for ancient aliens researchers and have even been featured on the History Channel show. I came across a lot of contradicting information researching Sirians, and while the Dogon Tribe stuff is fact, the rest should be taken with a grain of salt because all that galactic community stuff gets pretty out there with little objective data or credible close encounter accounts to back it up. Unless you take the word of channelers as fact (which I don’t suggest is a good idea). Though being a sucker for E.T. stuff I still find it fascinating.

The Katayy are almost magical in the way they’re depicted

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