The Pizza Gate conspiracy theory inspired a man to walk into a pizza joint brandishing firearms in an attempt to save kids from a child pedophile sex ring run by elite members of our government. Yup. This is definitely one of the more bizarre conspiracy theories out there. But, I’ll neither indict the conspiracy believers as insane idiots, nor will I present the conspiracy like it’s fact. Accept it as a presentation, or overview of the theory only. It’s up to you to believe it or not. And like most conspiracy theories should be taken with a grain of salt (or a whole jar of salt.) This conspiracy gets pretty dark and depressing, so if you got a weak stomach, this is your only warning.

It all began with John Podesta back in 2016. He’s the former white house chief of staff to Bill Clinton, and was a counselor to President Barack Obama, and is an all-around higher-class elite type man of power. He has strong ties to the democratic party and was the chairman of Hillary Clinton’s recent presidential campaign.

John Podesta

Apparently, he isn’t very good with computers, or the internet, because someone fished him with an email to update his username and password, and the dude totally fell for it. Podesta’s email account was hijacked and the hackers took his entire private library of emails. This sucked hard for Podesta because the hackers had tons of high ranking-sensitive information. From October through November 20,000+ pages of emails were uploaded to wiki-leaks.

Just a heads up: pedophiles communicate in code to avoid authority and any possible retribution. Here is some basic pedophile code

The leaks revealed the leaders of the democratic party to be allegedly up to a lot of shady stuff and in almost complete control of the mainstream media (though many claim the documents were doctored.) It also revealed Bernie Sanders was stabbed in the back by the DNC and his campaign was purposely sabotaged. The real kicker is what gave this conspiracy theory its name. In Podesta’s emails, there were many bizarre references of pizza to the point they made no sense in any objective way. But, what really got the theory heated up was the website 4chan. It’s a site where you can chat in threads with people all over the world. I’m sure you know what 4chan is, but if you don’t consider yourself lucky, it’s got quite the reputation.

This stuff gets pretty dark if you just add pedophile code where stuff doesn’t make sense

4chan is the home of internet trolls and the most bizarre stuff you can possibly think of. On November 3rd, 2016, an anonymous post began on the conspiracy theory thread about the leaked emails of John Podesta. The 4chan user talked about billionaire financier and convicted pedophile Jeffery Epstein. He’s a pretty nutso sicko, with hundreds of sexual misconduct allegations against him. While his sex offender title can’t be denied, hundreds also claim he traffics thousands of underage girls to politicians, wealthy businessmen, and world leaders all across the globe. Supposedly he owns his own personal island out in the Caribbean called Orgy Island. I’m sure you can guess what allegedly goes on there.

What are you talking about there John?

According to 4chan, the island is his HQ for a twisted sex ring. Virginia Roberts, an alleged former sex slave of Epstein’s, says that many high ranking politicians visited the island during her imprisonment. And there are many reports of these members of the elite flying on Epstein’s personal airplane, the Lolita Express. The plane is supposedly filled with teenage sex workers who pleasure the passengers during travel across the world, only stopping to let politician types and powerful people get lost in hedonism. Supposedly, Hollywood liberals and celebrities are reported to have flown on his private plane as well. Like Kevin Spacey for example. The crazy thing is, this was all reported a long time before Spacey was outed as a sexual deviant. Another reported passenger of the sex plane is Steven Bing, a powerful and influential man known to have sexually harassed women on many occasions. He is also connected to Epstein and the Lolita Express, as well as Bill Clinton (who has many accusations against him as well including rape). And the man has donated millions of dollars to the democratic party as well as both Clinton’s presidential campaigns. The place also travels across East Asia, and it’s theorized Epstein created a new chapter of his underground sex ring there. This includes North Korea.

In March 2009 two American female reporters were held hostage in North Korea who were reporting on child trafficking. Kim Jong Il said the Korean government would only talk to Bill Clinton over a matter of “mutual concern”. So, of course, Bill went over there on a private jet loaned to him by Steven Bing. It’s speculated Bill was a representative for Epstein’s sex ring to talk to Kim Jong Il about the captured American reporters. Kim Jong Il hosted a massive feast in Bill’s honor, and it’s possible North Korea’s well-known sex rings were connected. And that the North Korean dictator also visited Epstein’s Orgy Island.

Who could have ever thought pizza could be turned into something so horrific (it doesn’t get any better than this!)

In one of the emails Podesta says “It doesn’t get any better than this.” and had a link to a picture of the two American female reporters rescued by Bill Clinton with a little girl eating pizza. Yes, this sounds silly, but hear me out. This is just the first of many questionable emails concerning out of place pizza references from Podesta. While the Pizza Gate conspiracy is just a conspiracy, it’s a fact that there’s a whole underground world of pedophiles out there. For obvious reasons, they can’t talk about their sick obsessions openly, or even in non-verbal communication. So, they’ve created a whole secret codeword language that only people in the know can understand. There are entire FBI documents on these code words and when translated with many of the emails, things get real sick, real quick. Though it is important to keep in mind the document could have been doctored, or the references to pedophilia code could just be a coincidence.


“Pizza” is broadly the code for sex with an underage child or child pornography. Sometimes it’s cheese pizza or just C.P. for short. But there are all kinds of code words that get even more strange. Like “parents coming home”referring to people about to discover them, or “beanie babies” referring to a group of kids or even the enigmatic handkerchief code. No joke. Even if the conspiracy isn’t all true, this code word stuff is the real deal (which is the main reason people think the emails were doctored.) There are tons of bizarre pizza analogies in Jon Podesta’s leaked emails which were all sent to many high ranking members of the government. Sadly I couldn’t find any images of the email that didn’t give a copyright warning, but I suggest to google them if you want to see for yourself. Taking everything you read on the subject with a grain of salt is important though because we live in turbulent political times where everyone has an agenda, and anything mainstream is rarely reliable.

Tons of emails don’t make sense unless they’re translated through pedophile code. And the emails can get pretty damn sickening if you can understand it. So, is it possible John Podesta and many high ranking politicians are sick sex criminals hiding behind the law? Well, according to the Pizza Gate conspiracy, yup.

What the hell are you trying to hide now?

Many claim there is even a satanic nature to this conspiracy. A woman named Marina Abramovic is mentioned often in the emails. She’s an esoteric performance artist and practicing occultist most famous for her “Spirit Cooking” performance. Abramovic is pretty famous in certain circles, the elite of Washington D.C. being among them. She puts a child effigy in a corner and throws animal blood on it, then writes sick and twisted writings on the wall in the blood. Marina wrote a book on spirit cooking and some of the rituals get pretty odd too. Like fresh breast milk and fresh sperm milk and drink on earthquake nights. There’s much top brass of the DNC who talk about interacting with this woman in the emails, including Hillary Clinton and many Hollywood elite like the actor Robert De Niro. Abramovic has said the ritual is art if it’s done on stage, but behind closed doors, it becomes something more (supposedly.) Reddit and 4chan users claim she only uses a child effigy on stage, but behind closed doors, they use a\the real deal. Yup, that’s pretty dark. Sacrificing children is a dick move.

Marina Abramovic…. I thought that star was an upside-down cross for a second

Now, there are lots of conspiracies about many of the powerful elite of this country being members of the Illuminati. Who allegedly practice satanic occult rites and ritually abuse children. Sometimes to disassociate their own children to become MK-ultra mind slaves. They allegedly perform horrible actions on children just for the sake of demonic rituals, and to destroy the psyche of the victim. We’re not going to go down that road in this conspiracy theory article though, just thought I’d throw that out there. Because spirit cooking perfectly fits in with those theories and supposed reports. JUST DON”T FORGET TO TAKE THIS WITH A GRAIN OF SALT.

Some of Marina Abramovic’s rituals are pretty medieval and brutal

Here are directions for one of Abramovic’s rituals: “With a sharp knife cut deeply into the middle finger of your left hand. Eat the pain.”

This woman was invited to numerous of Hillary’s campaign events, and she rubs shoulders with many powerful people in Washington DC. There are even art pieces of Abramovic’s in U.S. embassies all over the world (which is fact.) If this conspiracy is true (no matter how unlikely that may be), then the American people have allowed some pretty sick individuals into power.

These emails are so bizarre to read unless you know the code, but can these be real?

A powerful man in Washington D.C. named James Alefantis also has connections to this group of the American elite, and this is where the pizza thing really gets kicked up a notch. James Alefantis is the owner and founder of Comet Pizza shop. Alefantis is a prominent member of Clinton’s circle and sent some pretty questionable emails to John Podesta as well. Tony Podesta, John’s brother lives in the same city as Alefantis. A home that is publicly known to have the incredibly creepy art of underage children all throughout the house. Like, in a completely sick and disturbing way with art no grown man should ever own (this also is a fact.) Many serial killers love to pose their victims in odd ways after killing them and take pictures as some kind of macabre trophy. Reddit and 4chan conspiracy theorists say the art in Tony Podesta’s house is such trophies. A bold claim. But, the art he hangs in his home would make any sane person look at him twice with a “WTF?”

There was evidence that lead many Reddit and 4chan users to think that inside Alfantis’ Comet Pizza, there were secret concrete rooms where they’d hide their sex slaves. But there’s even more strange shit about comet pizza and the stores in the area because pedophile’s also use symbols to identify one another, as well as code words.

Many of these symbols are used in the logos of businesses surrounding the pizza joint in the area. Which could honestly be a coincidence but is still pretty bizarre.

Many of these symbols are used in the logos of businesses surrounding the pizza joint in the area. Which could honestly be a coincidence but is still pretty bizarre.

On December 4th, 2016, Edgar Welch, (a person investigating the conspiracy theory) took it upon himself to go save the children suspected by many from Reddit and 4chan users to be held hostage inside Comet Pizza. He wanted to expose the child trafficking and satanic pedophile ring. Welch truly believed the Reddit and 4chan threads about the conspiracy. He took an AR-15 rifle and burst into the pizza shop demanding to be taken to the children. He shot into walls and the floor looking for secret rooms but didn’t hurt anyone. He gave himself up eventually and was captured by law enforcement unharmed.

Your heart was in the right place man

According to conspiracy theorists, you didn’t hear about this in the media because the Democratic party has an iron grip on mainstream media. But no sex ring in the pizza joint was discovered to the dismay of Reddit and 4chan users who were deeply involved in the conspiracy thread. Though they say it’s just because he couldn’t find the right access to the secret rooms, and Podesta and his group of elite own the police. To them, it’s still quite possible disturbing things still await to be discovered inside Comet Pizza.

So, that’s the Pizza Gate conspiracy. It sounds ridiculous and a lot of the elements of it are probably fictitious. So please don’t take it to heart and remember that grain of salt I talked about. The allegedly satanic performance artist Marina Ambromovich could just be an edge lord out to shock people with her style of art. Many people love to perform witch hunts on people like her, attacking simply what they don’t understand, or demonizing someone simply because it violates their own worldview.

All the pedophile code talk in the emails could be a coincidence or doctored, and some people even claim it was all set up by the Russians. There is a ton of fake news and miss-information out there in our modern times. But, a global sex ring is hard to believe because how long could they honestly get away with that without a whistleblower exposing them? The whole thing could have just spiraled out of control from the conspiracy theory forum dwellers of 4chan. For every conspiracy theory that is true, there’s a hundred that are total bull shit. But, what if there are glimmers of truth in there somewhere? What would that say about the people we allow to rule over us? Don’t think about it too much though, this kind of stuff can drive people nuts.

Is it possible there is any truth to Pizza Gate?

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