Close encounters have been commonly reported and repressed across the U.S. since before our grandparents wore diapers. The Little Green Men of Hopkinsville is a classic alien encounter from the 50s, which was made famous by the press and was an incredibly popular story across the country in its day. It all started when Billy Ray and another Kentucky farmer came forth to law enforcement and the press claiming to have encountered 4ft tall humanoid creatures. They wore skin-tight jumpsuits, had green skin, and had antennas protruding from their foreheads. The journalists who covered the incident used the term “little green men” and the name has stuck ever since.

Little Green Men

These aliens have become a rare point of conversation in ufology circles, falling out of favor for the more commonly encountered aliens past the 50s. These days the term “little green men” is usually used by the uninformed, or skeptics, with UFO enthusiasts shying away from the topic of this alien race for the most part. This is probably due to the 60s sci-fi trope they’re associated with, making them seem silly, or only believable to tin foil hat wearers. Most ET researchers wish to be taken seriously, so they push the little green men more into the category of pop culture or sci-fi fantasy. Especially since the term “little green men” originally came to the public’s attention following Orson Welles famous War of the Worlds broadcast back in 1938, and was a popular stereotype for aliens during the first half of the 20th century. Stories of little green men were particularly popular in comic books and radio dramas. Though these aliens seem to be more entertainment than anything else, those who encountered the so-called little green men (the contactees never said they were green) in Hopkinsville Kentucky thought they were anything but fantasy.

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The encounter had many witnesses and occurred on the night of August 21st, 1955. It’s important to note that the rural Kentucky community of this era was made up of many serious Christians. So, talking about aliens would seem pretty heretical to the rest of society, and came with some pretty unfavorable outcomes. Billy Ray and the rest of the Taylor family became shunned, a joke, weirdos, and outcasts. They lost any social respect from their peers. So the family had nothing to gain from claiming to encounter these aliens and suffered some pretty hardcore prejudice for the whole thing. This is one of the reasons this tale has credibility, as well as the many witnesses who all told the same story with no alterations. When people lie trying to push a hoax, their story usually falls apart when they’re questioned separately. This also has ties to psychological interrogation techniques used by law enforcement, which would suggest there’s actually a lot of truth behind the Taylor family’s story. Well, it proves they truly believe what they say at least.

The Little Green Men attack!

It all started with Billy Ray noticing a strange metallic object on his farm while he was getting a bucket of water. When he noticed the enigmatic object he immediately fled to the family farmhouse. Seven people within the Taylor family home were shocked to see unusual creatures appear around the perimeter of their home as they looked out the various windows of the house. They were horrified, concluding they were under siege as the little green men began to harass them. The aliens had awkward body movement, as if unfamiliar with walking or something. Others speculated it was because the aliens were not used to Earths gravity. The little green men tried to enter the house repeatedly, coming from different angles, and even the roof. However every time they were unsuccessful. The besieged occupants of the homes used firearms to defend themselves, but for some reason, the bullets proved non-fatal to the aliens. The bullets stopped them in their tracks and made them retreat, but they just returned from a different angle shortly thereafter.

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When the coast seemed to be clear, two of the men including Billy Ray went to authorities for help and were quickly laughed off and humiliated. Eventually, they did convince law enforcement to come to the farm though, with a few journalists tagging along too. When they got there no evidence was found to suggest aliens other than damage around the farm and random bullet holes everywhere. The police and journalists left shortly after thinking that the Taylor family was insane. That same night though, the aliens returned to the farm, and the whole thing started over with the little green men assaulting the house and the family defending it until dawn. Yet again none of the aliens got into the house (that they knew of) and no one was injured during the siege.

This is what the Little Green Men actually looked like according to witnesses

This time when the family went to the press, the story blew up, becoming the most famous close encounter at the time. The most interesting thing concerning this encounter is the miss quoting done by the journalists in an attempt to make a more interesting story. They added and took away from Taylor’s story where they saw fit and called the creatures little green men to fit more in line with pop culture science fiction. The witnesses described the aliens as hobgoblins with silver skin, not green, and not once did they ever say the aliens had antennas. The jumpsuits were completely made up by the journalists as well, so the whole mainstream story concerning the encounter in Hopkinsville Kentucky was pretty bunk.

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Supposedly these aliens have been the perpetrators in many other close encounters and abductions, but there is no greater documented case than the Taylor family’s encounter. In any case, reports of this alien species have dwindled to nothing almost in totality over the years. The Little Green Men of Hopkinsville is a mythic old-timey stereotype in modern times, but still remains one of the most significant and well-documented cases in the history of UFO incidents, and though the Taylor family today enjoy a modest amount of celebrity status for the incident, for decades they suffered much prejudice for their encounter of the third kind.

Accurate depiction of the creatures from the witnesses

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