Once the King of the Fomorians, gods of a more primal nature and enemies of the ancient Irish, as well as the Tuatha De Danann pantheon of deities. Balor is a giant with a single huge eye at the center of his forehead. When he opened this eye, it would cause devastation on a massive scale. He was a primal god of drought and blight. His wrath was certain to reap a harvest of destruction against all transgressors. Balor’s name itself pretty much means “The Deadly One” in the old Irish tongue. No army or enemy could withstand his giant eye of obliteration.

Balor’s eye was a force to be reckoned with

He covered his eye with seven cloaks, and he would take them off one at a time. With every cloak he removed, the destruction around him increased. Balor imprisoned his own daughter so she could never lose her virginity and have children. A prophecy stated that his grandson would be his demise, and Balor had no intention of giving up his primordial authority. He was the only king of the gods.

One day Balor stole the Magical Cow of Abundance and retreated back to his lair. The guardian of the Magical Cow knew he could not stand against Balor in battle. Instead, the guardian followed the tyrant god, which was an easy task since Balor walks blindly with seven cloaks covering his evil eye. At Balor’s home, the guardian discovered Balor’s daughter locked away. The two formed an affection and had a love affair while avoiding her father. She got pregnant and somehow the two lovers hid it from Balor.

It took incredible bravery to defy Balor

When the child was born it was taken away and grew up to lead the Tuatha De Danann as king. They would take back the Magic Cow of Abundance, and assert their authority over the primal gods once and for all. The opposing pantheons had a titanic battle. During the conflict, Balor’s grandson shoved a spear through his evil eye and then decapitated the tyrant. This fulfilled the prophecy and brought a new age to the Earth and Humankind. An age of prosperity and growth, free of the tyrant god-king Balor.

It was a battle for the fate of the gods

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