In the remote wilderness of China’s Qinghai province is a mysterious pyramid near Mount Baigong. In 2002, near this pyramid were discovered three caves filled with pipes that go through the mountain and into a nearby saltwater lake. There are also pipes under the lake bed and on the shore. These strange discoveries are known as the Baigong pipes, and the craziest thing about them is that they are made of iron and seem to have an intelligent design. The sizes of the pipes are very different. Some huge, and others the size of a toothpick.

So, there are people who think someone made these and they’re not natural formations at all. That doesn’t seem possible to most in the mainstream, though. Because the Bejing Institute of Geology used a thermoluminescence technique to date them, and the conclusion came to the pipes being a staggering 150,000 years old. Which isn’t possible right? But, if humans constructed the pipes, it would mean a civilization more advanced than our current modern civilization existed far beyond accepted history. Ancient humans are known to inhabit the area only 30,000 years ago. Those humans were primitive hunter-gatherers. If humans were indeed the creators of the pipes, then there’s much about our understanding of human development that should be re-evaluated. Humans during pre-civilization were across the board nomadic, and it’s impossible they left structures like the pipes behind. Especially since smelting wouldn’t be invented for thousands upon thousands of years.

The pipes are hollow which is baffling

The pipes go through the mountain into the salty lake, but right next to it is a twin lake filled with fresh water. The area is described as having many strangely shaped rocks, and stones come out of the ground protruding like broken pillars. When the iron material of the pipes was analyzed, 8% of the material could not be identified as any material known to earth. Which greatly adds to the puzzle. Another odd thing about the site is its remote location. There’s no recorded society or culture to take up residence in the area. Building such a modern industrial project such as the pipes in the middle of nowhere so long ago defies all logic. But, the real kicker is that in 2007 some of the pipes tested positive for high levels of radiation. Who the hell was smelting iron into radioactive pipes 150,000 years ago in the Chinese wilderness? Mainstream science has no plausible explanation for the pipes, and it’s unlikely to be in a history book anytime soon. It’s literally inconceivable humans created the pipes.

The nearest locals of a Chinese city claim to have known about the pipes for centuries. Bizarrely they say aliens made the pipes, and they have legends of E.T.’s visiting the site, creating the original pyramid, the pipes, and all the enigmatic rock structures in the area. This is considered one of those out of place things in history. The Baigong Pipes are proof to many that aliens have visited us in our ancient past. The non-terrestrial material found in the iron and the radioactivity is the core evidence that inspires this theory.

Similar natural formations are possible from volcanic eruptions, but those are not metallic hollow pipes

But, other theories attempt to say the pipes are a natural formation. Like magma from a primal time brought iron up from deep in the earth that solidified into tube shapes. Or that the tubes were fossilized tree roots. Mainstream scientists have had a hard time debunking the pipes, though, with even the most hardened defenders of the status quo having to admit there’s something more to the pipes grudgingly. But whether it’s a natural phenomenon, a forgotten pre-history civilization, or ancient aliens, the Baigong Pipes are a fascinating subject of debate.

Such a mysterious phenomenon

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