The Island of Dolls is allegedly one of the most haunted locations on the planet. A little over half a century ago, a man named Julian Santana Barrera began living on what would one day be known as the Island of Dolls to live as a recluse. Early on in his self-imposed isolation, he discovered the corpse of a young drowned girl, as well as a doll floating along in a canal. He buried the body and told people of the incident, but nobody knew who the child was or where she came from. Paranormal activity began on the island soon after.

To try and appease the girls tormented spirit, he hung her doll on a tree. Barrera began to hear the girls disembodied screams and footsteps at nighttime periodically. The haunting experiences compelled Barrera to find other dolls and hang them up in the trees as well. The more dolls he put in the trees, the less terrifying the paranormal activity became, but it was apparent to Barrera he was now haunted. Not only this, but the dolls seemed to become possessed by the little girl or possibly other spirits as well.

This is seriously one hell of a creepy place

As time would pass the number of dolls steadily increased. The passage of time and the elements made all the doll’s appearance become very creepy and decayed. The soulless eyes of the dolls are said to follow visitors as they walk by. The dolls heads have been reported to jerk or move suddenly, and they never seem to be in the same position they were last seen in. For over 50 years Barrera added dolls to the island’s collection. So its become literally a massive horde of creepy dolls infesting the island.

All those years Barrera would hear screams, laughs, and whispers of not just one young girl, but many. Somehow other restless spirits had been attracted to the island other than the drowned young girl. EVP’s are common there. Video footage has even been taken of dolls moving on their own. The dolls can be seen all throughout the island propped up on fences, posts, dangling at their neck from trees, with many bodiless or headless with missing limbs. Visitors to the Island of Dolls say it always feels like someone is watching you, and they can’t accurately describe the feeling when standing in the middle of all the dolls, but it’s an otherworldly unnerving experience, to say the least.

The island has been in the middle of the lake for over a thousand years. It was made into a farm by the ancient Aztecs, known worshipers of gods who demanded human sacrifice. It’s believed the desires of the heathen gods lead to atrocities on the island long before Europeans ever invaded Mexico. Cursing it, and filling it with negative entities. The little girl that drowned in the canal could have been tricked into drowning herself by malevolent forces stagnating on the island, and the voices Barrera heard, could possibly never have been the little girl’s in the first place.

What would you do if the voices called to you?

Julian Barrera claimed that voices whispered to him to go into the water where he had found the drowned little girl’s body years earlier, to join her. His nephew would always remind him to ignore the voices calling him to his demise. In the occult, it’s often unwise to give entities a face to inhabit, like masks, or dolls. Barrera could have unwittingly been adding to these entities ability to manifest on the island. The drowned little girl being merely a ploy all along. The same voices calling Barrera into the water could have called the little girl too because one day Barrera’s body was found floating in the canal just like the little girl he found years earlier. Julian Barrera had been driven totally insane in his later years. Many feared for the aging man on the Island of Dolls. It turned out their worries were justified because the whispers urging him into the water finally broke his spirit.

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