A Scottish biologist by the name of Ivan Terrance Sanderson was the first to coin the term ‘The Vile Vortices’. Sanderson concluded there were 12 such locations all across the world with the Bermuda Triangle being probably the most famous. Strange unexplainable phenomena have happened within these anomalous locations all throughout recorded history and have generated countless legends across the planet. While most of these Vile Vortices are at sea, there are actually a few found on land. All of these locations have hosted a myriad of vanishings. Some have speculated with quite the imagination on these mysterious places; the Vortices being gateways to other dimensions or the locations of hidden extraterrestrial bases on Earth. Others take a more mundane approach claiming the Vortices to be locations of dense electromagnetic energy and even hot spots upon the Ley Lines of the planet. The only objectivity on the subject is that they remain unexplained to this very day.

The locations of the Vile Vortices all across the planet

I wish to present to you a brief overview of all these Vortices as well as some of the lore surrounding them. These anomalies are located all along the planet’s grid. Five are in the Tropic of Cancer and five are in the Tropic of Capricorn. The last two are located at the North and South Pole respectively. Together they all form into an Icosahedron (a 20-faced polyhedron) geometric form. For anyone familiar with sacred geometry, this may have relevance to them. Oddly enough, when mapping out this planetary grid and comparing it to geography from history, many famous monuments of ancient civilizations are found on the same Ley Lines that connect to each and every one of the Vile Vortices; which makes many wonder if there are things concerning the Earth our ancestors knew that is lost to us in modern times.


Mohenjo-Daro is considered to be one of the worlds first major cities. It was founded sometime around the 26th century B.C.E. in Pakistan and is one of the most epic achievements of the Indus Valley civilization. Seriously, these people were creating wonders not seen again for thousands upon thousands of years. These monumental architectural achievements could rival Mesopotamia or even Egypt.

When the city was found in the 20’s it came with an ominous discovery. All throughout the city were skeletal remains of people in contorted positions, which is objective evidence for violent and painful deaths. In ancient times the city’s population seems to have been massacred. The Indus Civilization fell without explanation suddenly according to archaeological discoveries. Though the lack of weapons found near the skeletons has caused some to question this theory. Which has lead to speculations that the people died of disease or some sort of natural disaster like flooding (these theories are highly doubted). Despite this, there are no mainstream theories satisfactory to how the people who once lived there died.

David Davenport, a researcher of the site and author of the book, ‘Atomic Destruction in 2000 B.C.’, has more fringe and alternative views on how the people at Mohenjo-Daro met their doom. There were many objects found within the ruins that seem to be fused together from heat that would have to be at least 1500°C to do so, as well as melted bricks only from a single direction. One of the skeletons brought to a lab for research had 50 times the radiation level normally found in a human body. The only known weaponry that causes devastation in the manner found at Mohenjo-Daro is atomic. There is a fascinating tale concerning this fallen ancient city that we shall never know about.

The North Pole

The North Pole is pretty tame concerning unexplained phenomena and Vile Vortices. Probably because no one lives there and it doesn’t get much traffic. Though it still has disappearances. Like in 1845, when an expedition of 129 men from England was lost without a trace there. They were found 150 years later, the evidence of their demise was grisly, to say the least. The party of explorers had to resort to cannibalism to survive and there were other signs of violent fatalities. Modern legends suggest the lost city of Atlantis is frozen under the ice at the North Pole, but this Vile Vortex is not the only one to make that claim.

Oddly enough, there are two groups of people who believe there’s an opening in the North Pole: the flat Earth believers and the hollow Earth believers. In some circles, this opening is believed to be a portal to another dimension or to The Garden of Eden mentioned in the Bible. Flat Earthers say it leads to Agartha, a divine realm, and a higher state of consciousness. With future technology, we shall explore the North Pole more thoroughly and many suggest the discoveries could shock humanity to its very core.

Wharton Basin

Located off the west coast of Australia, this particular Vile Vortex has an 8.6 magnitude earthquake back in 2012 decimating the surrounding area and was unprecedented for an intraplate earthquake. This is also the area where that Malaysian airline’s plane vanished back in 2014. The Wharton Basin contains deep fractures where tectonic plates meet and has a massively high degree of seismic activity and rare geological events, as well as being home to a fault line. Many of these rare geological events never occurred anywhere else on the planet, explaining why scientists are so keen on studying the Wharton Basin. Due to the remote nature of this Vile Vortex in the Indian Ocean, much of the unexplained phenomena that happens there has little documentation.

Easter Island

Easter Island is filled with many mysteries. It’s one of the most isolated islands on Earth. The enigmatic location is world-famous for its incredibly bizarre statues. There are 887 of these Moai statues that were created by Rapa Nui people who once lived there. The reason these massive human-like statues were created remains unknown.

The theories regarding them are plentiful. The main contention is how these massive stone sculptures were moved. They weigh up to 82 tons and seems beyond the grasp of such a primitive culture to move such massive stone artwork. In the 1980s, scientists tried to replicate how the statues could have been moved using only the tools known to exist at the time and it proved to be literally impossible to do so. Rapa Nui folklore says the statues were animated by magic and moved on their own, so it’s not clear why scientists don’t become wizards and move the stone statues with Arcane Power. There’s also the theories that the Moai statues were created by aliens or at least the Rapa Nui were influenced by aliens to create them.

The Algerian Megaliths

These ancient monoliths are a burial ground in north-west Africa located in the Sahara desert. They were created by the Zingh Empire, a civilization shrouded in mystery and legend existing in the area long before recorded history. There is very little information on these ancient people because they existed 15,000 years ago. Impossible for people to build something requiring such advanced engineering skills. What we do know is planes fly over this Vile Vortex often vanish. Many believe this is a curse from the dead that dwells there; this being a Vile Vortex the unexplained phenomena go far beyond mere disappearances. Electronics don’t work correctly, compasses spin in circles, and many who visit the location find it to have an aura of darkness about it, causing people to feel ever-present anxiety. In the past, people who journeyed into this area of the Sahara desert and didn’t return were said to be the victims of supernatural Djinn. The desolate places of the Earth being the main home of these entities. Disrespecting or messing around with any of the monolithic burial grounds is rumored to bring lifelong bad luck and early death.

The Dragon’s Triangle

Also called the Devil’s Sea, the Dragon’s Triangle is located near Japan and has an insane amount of strange occurrences. Countless ships have vanished when trekking across its waters and UFO sightings are abundant.

The Japanese have a dense collection of folklore surrounding the triangle, but it’s what’s found underneath the waters is truly fascinating. The Dragon’s Triangle is home to the famous Yonaguni Monument. The underwater city is called Japan’s Atlantis, a massive city made with huge stone slabs cut into impressively perfect 90-degree angles. It also has sophisticated walls, steps, and columns. But sadly this civilization has been lost to time, and there’s next to no information on it. The architectural achievements are astonishing, and the sunken city is allegedly over 10,000 years old. Ships and planes vanish into nothing there, to the point the Japanese government has even labeled the site a disaster area; to be avoided at all costs by law. The dark legends surrounding the Devil’s Sea go back all throughout Japanese history. Metallic objects are said to rise from the water, only to zoom out of sight at an astonishing speed. Winged monsters are said to rise from the waves and take flight. In some tales, sea monsters even come up to the surface that breath fire. This Vile Vortex is a hotbed for unexplained phenomena.


The strange paranormal phenomenon occurs within this Hawaiian Vile Vortex. Strange occurrences mainly focusing around the revered volcano of Hamakulia. The Vile Vortex is off the coast of Hawaii in the ocean. The source of the Vortex’s power is believed to come from the Hamakulia volcano on the southeast side of Kauai. The volcano is on mainland Hawaii, traveling underneath the ocean floor to a place called the Ring of Fire, a group of underwater volcanoes. The path of lava flows through the Vile Vortex. Numerous planes and ships have vanished without a trace in the area. Strange electrical energy flows throughout the region. Rocks on the volcano randomly become magnetized. Locals have a long and colorful folklore surrounding Hamakulia, treating the volcano with utter reverence.

New Hebrides Trench

This Vile Vortex has a massive trench with depths of 25,000 feet in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. In the depths of the trench, scientists have discovered a species of immensely large eels among other unique life forms in the bitter, cold darkness. This is one of the deepest trenches on Earth. The farther explorers went down, the creatures became more and more alien-like. However, the New Hebrides Trench is one of the tamer Vile Vortices. It has the anomalous electromagnetic activity that’s the calling card of pretty much all the vortices, but this vortex has a low body count unlike the other locations on this list.

The Zimbabwe Megaliths

Built around 900 years ago, these massive stone structures have held up quite well and are still very impressive till this day. The entire complex spans almost 1,800 acres, which for monoliths so ancient, is an astounding feat, to say the least. Estimates say it took around 300 years to build and was home to a population of 18,000 people at its height. But then, all of a sudden the entire settlement was abandoned for mysterious reasons.

Many speculate about what could have happened to them. There is no objective reason as to why the Zimbabwe Megaliths were left to become a ghost town. Archaeological evidence doesn’t suggest violence or anything of that nature. It’s as if one day the inhabitants of the settlement all vanished. Like all Vile Vortices, strange phenomenon happens here often, but sadly the folklore surrounding the site is lost to the passage of time.

The South Atlantic Anomaly

The South Atlantic Anomaly is a place on Earth where the natural radiation from the planet is out of control. This is because the Earth’s inner radiation belt actually comes closest to the surface in this particular area of the globe. It creates a flux of energetic particles that permeate from the planet to the point satellites are exposed to much higher levels of radiation than they’re used to when orbiting around. And crafts that fly over it suffer from the high levels of radiation. Astronauts who look outside while passing over it have strange hallucinations they term ‘cosmic ray visual phenomena’. The Hubble Space Telescope is unable to take pictures while passing over the anomaly, and the International Space Station spent billions in high tech shielding to protect them from the bombardment of radiation. Basic electronics do not work when space shuttles pass over it, costing all space-faring nations an insane amount of money in damages.

There are also many plane vanishings in the area. In one case, a French airbus of 330 people disappeared without a trace while flying over the anomaly. Some believe this is one of the Vile Vortices that open the door to another dimension and all ships and planes lost have crossed over to another plane of existence.

The South Pole

The Antarctic has a population of around 4,000 people. Most of the population are researchers and scientists. Despite this, there have not been any scientific explanation for the area’s odd occurrences. Antarctica has long been suspected of housing ancient civilizations beneath its ice, including the theory that it’s actually Atlantis buried underneath the inhospitable surface. There’s a famous mound in the shape of a pyramid. Some researchers are adamant the pyramid was man-made and indeed- it doesn’t seem like a natural formation.

It’s unfortunate with our current level of technology, Antarctica cannot really be explored in a manner useful to discovering the truths to these mysteries. Still, many claim one day when we’re able, humanity will discover an entire lost civilization under the ice. Pop culture latched onto this idea long ago. Anyone familiar with H.P. Lovecraft knows that the accounts of his book ‘At The Mountains Of Madness’, takes place in the chilling continent of Antarctica. In the tale, human explorers come upon the remnants of a pre-human alien civilization, encountering horrors that drive them to insanity. There have been countless disappearances and unexplained phenomena to happen at this Vile Vortex, and a plethora of bizarre deaths.

The Bermuda Triangle

Also called the Devil’s Triangle, this Vile Vortex needs no introduction, I assume. It’s infamous across many cultures and easily the most well known of all the Vile Vortices. Countless ships, planes, and even entire fleets have vanished without a trace in this ominous triangle off the coast of Florida. An astonishing number of people have journeyed out into the triangle never to return.

Even recently on May 15, 2017, a plane vanished in the triangle carrying the CEO of Skylight Group. Some say the vanishings are because of an anomalous form of methane gas since the area sometimes become so foggy out of nowhere, making it impossible to see. Some say it’s aliens who live in an underwater base beneath the triangle and of course there’s those who claim it to be a portal into another dimension. Compasses spin in circles and electronics fail at the most unfortunate moments. This is yet another location many claim the lost city of Atlantis resides sunken beneath the ocean, and the unexplained phenomena in the area occur because of crystal technology lost at the bottom of the sea. The only objective thing anyone can really say about the Bermuda Triangle is to not go there if you value your own life.

Would you visit the Vile Vortices?

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