Strap in, because it’s time to get weird. The Arcturians come from a blue planet orbiting the brightest star in the boots constellation. The star named Arcturus is much larger than our sun in sheer mass and energy. These aliens are supposedly the most advanced alien race in the galaxy, or possibly even the universe. They transcended full material bodies of the third dimension a long, long time ago, with a history spanning eons. They exist as multi-dimensional beings, mostly in the 4th and 5th dimensions (though they have no limitations between where they can manifest themselves). These dimensions are spiritual, with thought and pure consciousness dictating what we would call reality. Arcturians are very short, with the tallest members of their species being around 4ft. Their skin is shades of blue and green. They have wide craniums sloping backward in an oval jut, with their heads being smooth and hairless. Their ears are small holes with little circles of cartilage. Arcturian’s faces have sharp bone structures with high protruding cheekbones swirling down to a thinly pointed jaw, and their eyes are wide almond-shaped deep dark pools that resemble galaxies. These aliens have very small noses and lips, and always seem to have serene expressions on their faces.

This species is so old and evolved it requires little from the material universe

Arcturians actually have little need of their eyes or other physical sense organs in general because of their insanely advanced evolutionary progress. Their telepathic abilities being far superior to organic sight. However, their sense of hearing is extremely advanced, able to pick up the smallest minute details in sound waves from vast distances around them. Arcturians can also sense their surroundings with the back of their heads, having a strange organic radar of sorts. Where humans have five fingers, they only have three. Though physical touch is rarely used by them because of their telekinetic ability to move things with their minds.

These aliens aren’t very distinguishable from one another. Which is fine to a race of telepaths, but confusing to other less evolved species. Arcturians are perfectly content with this though. They’re free of the vanity that plagues many other sentient races in the universe. Arcturians have also evolved beyond the need for material food to sustain them. Similar to the Reptilians, they feed on energy. But, whereas the Reptilians need both physical food and negative energy to survive, Arcturians only need high vibrating forms of energy as food. They also require very little sleep, and I do mean very little sleep. Like, a nap once a week. Which they refer to as their sacred time for soul travel.

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Spiritual growth is a keystone of their culture. So, their spiritual advancement as a species is far beyond human comprehension. Service and healing are attributes they revere beyond all others. They love to teach and enlighten other races of the universe. Making the Arcturians seem similar to some Pleiadian factions, just far more advanced and with a much broader focus. They’re easily one of the most renowned species of all when it comes to a loving non-judgemental nature. Their highly evolved state has greatly reduced their aging process, giving them ridiculously long lives of around 400 years (though some sources I came across said they could live up to 1000 years), and allows them to transcend space-time to a degree. According to their lore, Arcturian souls make some kind of contract beyond all planes of existence before they’re born. If they perish from natural death, they only die when these contracts have expired. Pretty much making them one of the most esoteric and metaphysical aliens covered so far by Cryptic Chronicles.

Some Arcturans appear more humanoid while still retaining their blue-skinned alien nature (but this could just be a psychic projection into the mind to make the human it’s communicating with feel more comfortable)

Their civilization has eliminated all forms of sickness and disease. The Arcturian homeworld has no extremes of destructive natural forces because harnessing the ability to control their planet’s weather was among their first great accomplishments far back in their species history. Daily life in Arcturian culture could seem similar to a Buddhist monastery to humans. With meditation and mindfulness of the present moment key convictions to all. Arcturian civilization transcended all mundane and egoic problems that plague Earth long ago. Philosophy and compassion are the focus of their culture. Which is pretty much the opposite of the materialistic ego-driven society we humans have. They’re ruled by the most spiritually advanced of their race, and with Arcturians coming from a universally enlightened civilization, the caliber of leadership they have is profound, to say the least. An Arcturian’s whole life purpose is the pursuit of spiritual development. All jobs, tasks, and professions are geared towards an individual’s spiritual development and inner journey, with all occupations equally revered and respected. An Arcturian’s vibrational frequency and auric colors are a good indication of what they need to work on, and what they don’t have to work on within themselves. Which helps to point them to their life’s professions. They live in a post-scarcity civilization, where things aren’t done for personal gain, moreso higher purpose. So they’re basically just on a whole different level of existence than we are here on Earth.

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Arcturians are well known to have bonds with countless lesser evolved species across the galaxy. They allegedly work with the Ascended Masters of Earth (an Ascended Master being a spiritually enlightened human transcending the reincarnation cycle in some beliefs, such as Buddha, and other sages throughout history.) Calling them the brotherhood of the ALL. Ideas on the Ascended Masters purpose differ depending on who you ask, and there’s a lot of opposing traditions concerning them. Though in most cases they can be seen as the guardians of humanity, and gently lead us from afar in our species evolution.

There’s seriously a lot of lore on the Ascended Masters

The Arcturians are also one of the leaders in a galactic federation. One of the main reasons Earth is left alone for the most part is because the Arcturians took it upon themselves to serve as one of humanity’s guardians. They sway devious civilizations’ ambitions towards our planet with the most advanced technology in the known cosmos. Not allowing any aggression or open hostility towards Earth in any way. That is of course unless given permission (Though considering all the abduction and hostile alien accounts in the UFO phenomenon this seems far-fetched.) Arcturians will also not directly alter humanity’s fate, preferring us to carve our own place in the universe, and develop at our natural rate. They respect free will above all. Though they do influence human cultures in a mixture of subtle ways. Their influence can be seen in any material teaching self-discipline, self-development, or anything enlightening in nature. This can be from literature to T.V. shows to anything in between. They’ve sparked spiritual and creative people with inspiration since the dawn of our sentient consciousness. Though humans are not unique in this way, as they do the same for other species throughout the galaxy.

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This alien race’s advanced spaceships are far more powerful than other interstellar civilizations, and they are always on call to protect Earth and any other world unable to protect itself from the aggression of malevolent forces. Even the brutal and mighty Reptilians never willingly engage Arcturian ships in combat. For a single Arcturian vessel can stand against many of the best warships the Reptilians have to throw at them. Their ships are so advanced they don’t even use any form of what we would call computers. They have technology on their space crafts to launch an Arcturian’s consciousness in etheric form back to their homeworld if they get homesick on their interstellar journeys. This allows Arcturians to explore the universes and dimensions of existence far greater than other alien civilizations. All Arcturian ships share information at once, so all information is archived allowing any Arcturian vessel to have all the knowledge they need for any encounter they come across, and perform their duty despite any perceived drawbacks.

Arcturians are the guardians of a plethora of alien worlds

An Arcturian’s telepathic powers are so powerful with the ability to process information far beyond what a human can comprehend, allowing an Arcturian to know just about everything there is to know about someone just from a single encounter. These blue aliens allegedly have three bases on the Moon, which according to Arcturian lore isn’t a moon at all, but a hollow space station of sorts left behind by an alien race lost to the eons of time. They’ve worked with life on this planet since humans gained sentience, and allegedly have bases inside of Earth’s mountains across the planet. One of the most well known being the base under Mount Shasta in northern California of the United States.

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Being inter-dimensional aliens the Arcturians can take on 3rd-dimensional bodies at will, and walk and talk in a manner familiar to humans. But, they can also just manifest in higher dimensions, essentially becoming invisible to us. Their ships are capable of the same thing, with their towering city-sized spacecraft right above us, yet unable to be seen. Their presence is only known to us if they want it to be known to us and mostly interact with humans through telepathy, visions, and dreams. They have no intention of directly influencing us in our personal advancement, greatly enjoying simply watching us as we progress and documenting all they see.

Arcturians truly are one with the Infinite

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