Ascended Masters lore is an interesting subject to research. When I first came across it, the name intrigued me, “Ascended Masters,” and I felt compelled to know more. As it happens, a lot of the information concerning these supernatural beings is metaphysical to the extreme. Well, maybe more esoteric to the extreme, but I’m sure you get the point. Traditions like Theosophy and other esoteric organizations also talk about these mysterious people who have attained what new agers call “Ascension.”

Many years ago, at the time I began my research on Ascended Masters, I was very into Buddhism and my never-ending dedicated practice of meditation. So, when I discovered the Buddha himself is stated to be an Ascended Master, the desire to know more hooked me and wouldn’t let go. But, not only was the Buddha among their ranks but so was Jesus, Anubis, Confucius, Krishna, Shiva, Saint John the Baptist, among many more names prominent from religions and wisdom traditions throughout human history. There are Shaolin Priests, Yogi, saints, shamans, mystics, and you name it, that have achieved ascension to become an Ascended Master.

There are also different names for these beings throughout many traditions. Such as the Secret Chiefs of the Golden Dawn. They are also known as the Great White Brotherhood (white as in Light, not race FYI), the Masters of the Ancient Wisdom, the Esoteric Order, Elder Brothers, Mahatmas Tibetan Masters, and more. So to call them Ascended Masters is not the only title attributed to them.

The Ascended Master Krishna

These higher beings are all said to have transcended beyond the human condition. Their souls are free of the limitations inflicted by material matter. However, not all who achieve ascension become Ascended Masters. It’s a choice an individual makes because they are actually free to move on to a higher realm, or state of existence, or higher dimension, the heavens, ext, but instead, they stay behind to watch over and help guide humanity. Though their influence is limited to not conflict with people’s individual karma, and the karma of the human race as a whole. People are supposed to be challenged and learn the lessons they are here to experience in their lives. So, the Ascended Masters tend to only interact with a very select type of person. The Masters make contact with those who are spiritually awakened, and those who can transcend mundane existence. If they influenced the world too objectively, it would essentially make our lives pointless on a karmic level. 

Like many topics concerning new age spiritualism, there is a lot of contradicting information concerning the same subject, with many groups of people forming their own unique conclusions. The ideas are incredibly complicated and not simple, to sum up, or label consistently. Primarily the concept revolves around karma, the law of cause and effect, which is known as “Newton’s Third Law” in physics. The idea of karma is ancient and well known in Eastern cultures across the board. I don’t think going into detail about karma is necessary, but to simplify it, we’ll say it means what goes around comes around. However, unlike how the West views karma in mainstream society (which is wrong), karma in the East only affects someone after they die and incarnate into a new living form. The actions of past lives play a huge role in a person’s challenges, sorrow, and fate in one lifetime to another. People build up a karmic debt that must be repaid in the next lifetime. The majority of souls are stuck in a never-ending karmic cycle of death and rebirth, making extremely little to no progress from incarnation to incarnation, with their prospects of breaking the karmic cycle more and more elusive. But, karma goes both ways. Through higher purpose, a human may slowly pay off karmic debt. This can flow naturally in that person’s evolution, or be performed consciously. I mean, karma can be good too. Every single action in life has an equal and opposite reaction on a cosmic spiritual level. Karma is all about balance and learning, not punishment.

Ascended Masters differ from the rest of humanity because they have reincarnated hundreds to thousands of times over. They are the definition of “old souls” before they achieved their ascension. Their souls and consciousness are evolved to a point that makes them almost a completely different species than ordinary people. Though, not all Ascended Masters were old souls before their awakening. Some are born destined for this role by the influence of ineffable entities beyond human comprehension, or divine beings that take on human form.

To understand the nature of the Ascended Masters, it’s also essential to comprehend the concept of the higher self, which is a common term in modern spiritualism. There are other names for the idea, depending on what tradition. Such as the Holy Guardian Angel, the Higher Genius or Genie/Djinn, the Guardian Spirit, ext. The higher self is a part of a human being that is separate from them and their conscious existence. In some traditions, the higher self is the aspect of a person that never changes throughout all their incarnations. Every time a soul reincarnates, the higher self retains all information and knowledge gained in each lifetime and is the part of us that exists between our incarnations eternally, silently watching in the background. The higher self can also be analogous to the subconscious because opening a conscious doorway into the subconscious has a similar profound spiritual effect. A good metaphor is that your higher self is you as a video game player, and all the characters in videogames you’ve played are your incarnations. As a gamer, you’ve been all those avatars in a sense, but you are separate and much wiser and less limited than them.

They are the apotheosis of spiritual enlightenment

An Ascended Master has not only transcended the karmic cycle but also has become one with their higher self merging into a single entity. Ascended Masters were once human, but have achieved The Great Work, and accomplished ascension. Becoming one of them is the end game for all people, and the destiny of all souls to eventually reach within the many planes of existence in the multiverse, not just life here on Earth. They have free reign to traverse dimensions beyond ordinary human comprehension, yet have chosen to stay behind and help guide the path of others. The Ascended Masters take on Earthly missions and have often contributed to guide particular humans to achieve the greatness that benefits humanity as a whole in the long game. They are pretty much the guardians of humankind and the great teachers throughout the ages that mentor sages and geniuses alike. 

Does this sound kind of culty to you? Or kinda cool?

Well, anyways there are also aliens. I don’t know if you’ve heard of the Starseed community, but they took the idea of Ascended Masters and turned it up to 11. Indigo children are also said to be sent by the Ascended Masters, but let’s talk more about aliens. From this perspective, humans are a fallen race. We’re in a galactic quarantine with the sides of light and darkness in a war for our fate not only without but within. We have a massive karmic debt that caused us to fall from grace on a cosmic scale forcing humanity to start over from nothing after a cataclysm destroyed our once great interstellar civilization. And if that sounds weird and crazy, then good, eat it up, because there’s also evil lizard people. The xenos aliens called the Reptilians were doing some messed up stuff, and a lot of humans helped them out or something that doomed the rest of us. We were hanging out with cat people and other awesome alien friends that are part of the same cosmic family of Lyran descendants, but it all went to shit, real quick, with humans knocked back to a primitive existence, which was a huge downgrade. 

The Feline Lyrans (cat people) are the genetic primogenitors of humans, as well as an entire galactic family of aliens who all share DNA

Allegedly, humans are an incredibly adaptable and hardy form of life made from a mixture of different alien DNA. This is why in UFOlogy so many aliens are interested in abducting people of Earth. They usually do so in an attempt to fix their own damaged genetics or mix our DNA to make hardy hybrids with their own species. Before the quarantine, human beings were on the rise and showed insane potential on the cosmic stage. Now we are left alone. Our galactic family members were forced to abandon us after the fall, yet some assist us in paying off our karmic debt, and still mentor and look over us. 

The Reptilians relish in feeding off of fear and suffering in their conquest of the galaxy they consider their birthright

If you’ve ever heard of the legitimate mainstream science theory called The Fermi Paradox you know how hope crushing it is for those who gaze out into the stars with wonder and curiosity. The paradox states that there are so many habitable planets in the galaxy, there should be tons of aliens out there, but none of them have interacted with us even though they should be cruising the galaxy in a massive interstellar community. To the Starseed communities, the quarantine of Earth after the fall is the explanation for the Fermi Paradox. But, even the various Starseed communities have differing views on the matter. They do share a consistent theme though, so there’s that. In any case, these aliens don’t interact with humans but still hang around to check on us and watch us. They make sure that aliens that are dicks don’t screw with humanity too hard or more than our karma requires. The Reptilians are still here on Earth, though, and there has been a sort of cold war going down since the fall of Atlantis/Lemuria (humanity’s previous great and highly advanced civilizations before the fall).

The Arcturians are the most technologically advanced alien race in the galaxy, the teachers of the Ascended Masters, and guardians of their galactic younger siblings, humanity

Ascended Masters have ascended beyond their karmic dept for the fall, and are free to interact with our galactic family members. With Aliens known as Arcturians probably being our most excellent protectors who double as teachers of the Ascended Masters, they are so spiritually advanced. From the Starseed point of view, the Ascended Masters awoke their alien DNA and joined with their higher selves. Some humans are on the path to becoming one of them and are called Light Workers and stuff like that. There is a galactic command of a federation of aliens related to humans, and they interact with the Ascended Masters. If that all seems pretty bizarre to you, then don’t worry, I left a lot out because I could go on forever about this stuff and get a whole lot weirder. When I fell down this rabbit hole, I felt like I popped out the other side of the planet. But, it was like a horrible accident or something. No matter how crazy it got, I couldn’t look away. Trust me it gets waaay more baffling than what I’ve presented, but it’s intensely fascinating none the less.

Moving away from aliens, and Starseed stuff, another tradition of ascended masters from other perspectives on the matter are the Yogi of India. In the Yoga Sutra written by Patanjali, there are a number of fantastic supernatural powers associated with the Ascended Masters and yogi and the like. When the yogi advances to a certain point, they may become Ascended Masters and just vanish out of existence altogether. Many of them incarnate on Earth out of thin air as fully grown human beings during troubling periods of history where their teaching is required for the benefit of the entire world. Instead of transcending to the next existence, they stay behind to steer other humans on the path to ascension out of selflessness. Again, they are broken from the wheel of karma and the limitations of the material plane.

The famous and divine Babaji is one such example of an Ascended Master who materializes into a human form at certain points in history to teach and guide. In the book Autobiography of a Yogi, written by the Ascended Master Paramahansa Yogananda, there are many examples of what these supernatural beings are capable of from a yogic point of view. If you’re into meditation and Indian philosophy, Hinduism, karma and the like, you should really read this book. 

Ascended Master Paramahansa Yogananda

However, not all Ascended Masters are Eastern or from the Near East. There are also Ascended Masters from nigh on all cultures throughout history, including European history. A famous Ascended Master of Europe was the Count of Saint Germain. He was an adventurer with an intense love of all things intellectual and creative, as well as occult studies like alchemy. The Count is a profound scientist and an artist, and anyone who heard him speak philosophy had their freaking mind blown. The philosopher Voltaire called him “a man who knows everything and never dies,” and there are many stories of people who met him when they were very very young, and then ran into him when they were very old only to be amazed that St. Germain had not aged in the slightest. The legend goes that he discovered the fabled “Philosophers Stone” and, in so doing, attained eternal life, and could control his body to the point the aging process ceased, and he could cure illness within him at will. 

Throughout European history St. Germain popped up and vanished, only to pop up again later. He was known never to eat or drink, yet still went out to public places where people feasted because he enjoyed the conversations and interactions. Some have theorized he lived without food or water through breatharianism, which is incredibly hard to believe is real, but use your imagination. Another interesting thing about the Count when compared to other Ascended Masters, is that he enjoyed the company of women, and had many lovers. There is always a part of him deeply invested in the practices that make a person “human” with the Count being one of the few Masters to purposely step into the spotlight and the company of other normal humans on a regular basis out of enjoyment.  

Over the centuries the Count reportedly appeared in a variety of different ways with the changing styles of the times

The Count could be the most charismatic person ever as well because there was no one he could not attain influence over, and he always had people hosting him a place to stay (especially nobility). The Count’s origin is unknown, and he always vanishes without a trace. Though there are theories on his origins, nothing is concrete. In any case, the Count st. Germain is one of the most well known ascended masters that directly had a hand in shaping Western culture, and there are supposedly sightings of the Count even in modern times.

But the influence of the Ascended Masters in western culture continued beyond the Count St. Germain and had a profound hand in sculpting many secret societies. Madame Blavatsky, a Russian philosopher, spiritualist, mystic, co-founder of the Theosophical Society in 1875, and lover of all things esoteric, claimed her work was directly influenced by  Ascended Masters. Allegedly, they assisted her in writing some of her greatest work, including the legendary Isis Unveiled and The Secret Doctrine (which was a favorite book of Albert Einstein who always kept a copy in his offices throughout his life). Blavatsky would go into a trance state and write for hours allowing herself to be a conduit to the will of the Ascended Masters. Blavatsky’s associate and co-founder of the Theosophical society Henry Steel Olcott witnessed these possessions first hand and claimed it was an incredibly profound mystical experience for him that was never matched the rest of his life. Much of Theosophy revolves around the guidance of the Hidden Masters. However, many such secret societies and spiritual groups have claimed to have been influenced by the Ascended Masters. It was all the rage during the end and after Blavatsky’s era. Esoteric Societies like the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn would call them the Secret Chiefs, and many more occult organizations would claim the same, just by a different name. 

Madame Blavatsky

The usual means of communication with them is through channeling. Which, as I’ve said before, can be dubious and unreliable if not in the hands of a true master. But, this may give the impression that Ascended Masters do not possess physical bodies, and only communicate through psychic manipulation, which can be perceived as both true and untrue, because Ascended Masters have little need for physical bodies. Though they still do manifest in a physical form if it’s their will (they are still individuals with personalities and unique traits all their own). The Masters usually appear out of thin air as a fully grown adult (just like in the yogi lore), and rarely if ever are they reported to age. An Ascended Master can very much walk up to you and interact with you like a normal everyday person.

In any case, according to Ascended Master lore, they are here to guide and watch over us. They assist where they can, and give enlightening knowledge to a select few. To people just discovering information on them, it’s baffling, yet, highly intriguing. They are the highest form of the human soul at its peak of evolution and spiritual awakening. But instead of moving on, they stay behind to help shepherd the people of Earth. Ascended Masters have allegedly had a massive influence on New Age Spirituality, the Starseed community, and esoteric orders for centuries. The benevolence and love they show is unconditional and eternal. They speak to us in dreams and gently guide the evolution of human consciousness. The supernatural spiritual powers of the Ascended Masters are beyond anything a common mortal can dream of, but they only use them for the cause of good and remain with us to assist the eventual ascendance of all humanity, down to every, single, last soul.

The Ascended Masters are always watching, waiting, to help your soul evolve

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