In this episode, we’re going to continue exploring comparable Nephilim myths from cultures all throughout history across the planet. There really isn’t that much else to go over, so… Let’s just hop right in shall we? And remember, sometimes what I say concerning history is a “what if” so don’t take EVERYTHING I say literally. Especially about history and possible forgotten interactions between cultures leading to phonetically similar names of gods. One of Odin’s names Oudoin and Adon, the Hebrew name for God during their Babylonian exile. Both Odin and Yahweh had A TON of names that are not mentioned in mainstream history from different periods of time. Instead of getting angry at me and being a dick, I’d be happy to answer any questions directly to you! Either email me, or call the CC hotline and leave a message 1-800-757-6049. I will get back to you. Now, let’s get weird, shall we?

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