This article is thanks to paranormal researcher Darren Evans. Without his research, we wouldn’t know half of what we do about the Zozo demon. CLICK HERE TO VISIT HIS WEBSITE! This information was gained from many sources with the main one being Darren Evans’ book “The Zozo Phenomenon”. It’s an awesome read that will creep you out for the rest of your life go check it out!

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Zozo: the demon of the Ouija Board. This evil force is a potent negative entity whose history goes back far longer than a board game invented to scare kids at sleepovers because the utilization of Spirit Boards is timeless across all human history. There’s also MUCH MORE to the whole phenomenon than kids or teenagers being scared from an Ouija Board saying weird stuff to them. In fact, most people were pretty unaware of how global paranormal encounters surrounding Zozo were until the 1980s. As we know at Cryptic Chronicles, many entities shapeshift and evolve over time, depending on circumstances. As such, it has only been short of a century that this entity has grown a fondness for attacking those who utilize Ouija Boards.

Zozo is immensely cunning and knows exactly what makes you “tick.”

However, I feel it is important to point out the fact that Ouija Boards in and of themselves are neutral, and utilizing one does not necessarily mean that one will encounter Zozo. Moreso, it will seek out victims based on circumstances and who tastes the yummiest. It will avoid vast swaths of the population based on practicality alone, with the phenomenon only really confronting a minority of the global community. Those easy to corrupt, the weak-minded, or spiritually/psychically gifted but undisciplined will be the entity’s main targets (for the most part). But, it can also be a case of what’s going on in a person’s life that opens up opportunities to the “Darkness” no matter who the person is. Such as if they are in a state of high stress, conflict, loss, or general peril in their daily life. The emotions and mental state of anyone can have a considerable influence on possible attention from negative entities. This is a universal aspect not unique to Ouija Board spirits, but an overarching truth of the paranormal in general. And depending on the limitations of perception placed on the conscious mind from the subconscious, the nature of manifested phenomena can differ vastly.

To understand why this malefic entity can manifest across the globe, seemingly at will, we have to understand the nature of the Ouija Board. The collective unconscious has been inundated with propaganda towards it for decades. The media, Hollywood, and religious sects have transplanted horrific images into our minds with coalescing conclusions that what resides through the board is pure evil, and terror awaits any who dare to tamper with Ouija Boards. Movies, books, T.V. shows, they’ve all implanted a pretty clear picture into the human psyche. However, this aspect of the board is profitable and exciting, able to entertain the masses regularly. As well as put fear in the religious of things outside their reality tunnels. In truth, the Ouija Board is nothing more than a game, with no conspiratorial supernatural evil intent behind it. The famous movie “The Exorcist” is probably one of the most objective sources of this unnecessary fear, because as I’m sure you know, the plot revolves around a young girl possessed after messing with an Ouija Board. The board is simply a way to engage with the subconscious (similar to dreamwork) and actually rarely inspires supernatural phenomena. The Ouija Board only becomes something dark if that aspect is metaphorically “activated.” When it comes to the paranormal, many experiences are based on what we ourselves bring to the table.

Pazuzu from The Exorcist has become a pop culture icon…

The most susceptible are young people easily manipulated by the media, those consumed in fear from dogmatic programming, and gifted experiencing intense emotions. But, there are also those out seeking selfish gain that will do anything to attain their desires. There are countless accounts of people seeking hidden knowledge about a plethora of topics, where the board’s user got far more in return than what they intended. Sadly, there are always negative entities ready and willing to step up to the plate. However, their ability to access the physical plane depends on the person using the Ouija board. The demon has also been known to violate its victims sexually. It shapeshifts to male or female personas as is fit. The Z-Entity often revolves around sexual depravity towards women (especially teens).

However, in the end, many of the negative experiences with the board are because a person is unprepared for what’s unleashed. The more inexperienced and unwary the individual, the more danger they may face when utilizing a spirit board. There is always an entity willing to step into the shoes of who someone wants to talk to, and these entities range from moralities and demeanors in infinite shades of gray through light and dark, just like humans.

The late 1800s to be exact.

The history of the board originates all the way back to the 1800s. And was highly successful thanks to the pop culture craze of spiritualism. However, much of what brought forth the board itself is shrouded in mystery because tools like it are ancient. Yet, a fascinating fact is that the Ouija Board actually named itself. The original patent owners had no clue what to call the thing, so asked the board itself, spelling out “Ouija” and then the planchette going on further in elaboration, stating that it meant “good luck.” The board then evolved over time, going from wood, to masonite, to in modern times, cardboard.

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Yet there is a particular dark entity that seems directly connected to the Ouja Board more than any other, and that is the demon Zozo. Many paranormal phenomena seem to occur to those who research the topic of Zozo as well. If you cast eyes upon the entity, then it seems to cast eyes upon you. Electronics will begin to fail or act in unexplainable ways. Bad luck, nightmares, and depression are also typical. So be careful when messing around with this topic, and don’t ever be irreverent. The encounters with Zozo are so well documented across the world it takes just as much factless faith to disbelieve in the phenomena as to believe in it. So, don’t take any chances of antagonizing the entity directly.

Many names and personas

The Zozo Demon is far more abstract than one’s first thoughts may suggest, because it actually has many names and alter-egos. Such as Zaza, Za, Zo, Zam, Z8, Zono, and Zepot (there’s even more, but I think you get the point). The key here is the consistent theme of the letter Z. So, paranormal investigators and demonologists mostly refer to Zozo as the Z-Entity. Though the entity is a shapeshifter, when it has manifested in mirrors, it appears as a twisted dark entity with skin burnt to a crisp (sometimes glowing red eyes). Zozo has an association with Ravens, and many may be around in the area where it is lurking, or it may even take the form of a blackbird.

The following phenomenon is associated with the Z-Entity, as well as some examples documented by victims:

Quiet beginnings

Zozo will always begin an interaction relatively tame and innocent. Contrary to popular belief, it will rarely state who it is outright and will only reveal itself after spending time with those utilizing the board. The entity will mimic whoever they want to talk to utterly, even convincing people it was a dead rock star in the past, with an accent and a desire to party and everything. Those in the know understand the entity is utilizing this time to probe the psychology of the victim(s) and gauge just how and what tactics will best suit its predatory desires. The encounter(s) will only gradually get darker and creepier, usually climaxing in some great scare that will vitalize its power. The entity may also whisper delusions of grandeur into a regular utilizer of the board. It will say it’s a “King of Kings” and the like and offer to bestow future power and call them a “chosen one.” All in all, though, it will always lead up to much, much more horrifying anomalies. The demon will linger long after the Ouja Board session has ended, vigilantly looking for an opening to influence our reality (the victim/victims).

Phantom Voices and Knocks

The Z-Entity easily takes the form of shadow people.

Phantom voices often come from the shadows, usually sounding like 20 to 30 people all talking simultaneously, but nothing is understandable. Knocks can be heard at doors and walls randomly with no origin or person around. Bangs, thuds, ext are also standard. Weird humming noises may permeate the eardrums. And, of course, the stereotypical objects moving on their own. Though if a place was already “haunted” and the demon comes through on the Ouija Board, it will heighten the paranormal activity in the house abundantly. The more fear it generates, the stronger it becomes, and the tighter grasp on a current into the material plane. Shadow people and strange movement is often seen out of the corner of one’s eye, only to fade when one focuses on the phenomena.


The Z-Entity likes to hang out in mirrors. Like much paranormal lore surrounding mirrors, it can use perfect timing (since it exists outside space-time) to utilize the reflective surfaces in generating great fear in a viewer, granting it incredible power from the terror. A tactic the entity has used many times, so if utilizing a board, maybe make sure mirrors are out of the equation during the session. The entity is often known to tell people to seek it out in mirrors and this is where it shows itself visually for the most part.

Animal/human Possession

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But Zozo will do far more than show up in reflections. The entity has been known to possess dogs and animals. When asked to do so, it seemingly performs mind-controlled tasks in the creature, such as coming from one spot to another. Yet, this turns dark quickly as the animal begins to appear and sound horrified and in distress. Vomiting. Screeching. Then running off. The animal usually found having perished a horrible fate, if found at all.

There are also accounts of people with a mental health condition allegedly influenced by Zozo to frighten users of the board, lurking out the window. It tells the Ouja Board users the stranger is there in cryptic hints.

Many who delve too deeply into interactions with the entity hallucinate faces melting off people they interact with only horrifically deformed skulls remaining. People have also seemingly been possessed to commit violence in ways predicted by the board to a victim.

Almost drowning in a bathtub

Darren Evans documented the board said “IRON TONGUE” vaguely. Later, his daughter sleepwalked into a bathtub, turned it on, and almost drowned. He managed to save her but soon after, the child developed a high fever. So the man called in a familiar pastor to pray for her. A Large tic on the nape of her neck noticed by doctors a moment after the prayer was finished seemed too much of a coincidence. However, she still faded. The doctors said she was more dead than alive even though she did not test positive for diseases related to the blood-sucking tick, most assumed was the issue. It turned out she had MRSA, a dangerous bacterial infection resistant to most antibiotics. The child’s face became swollen, and her tongue stuck out more swollen than anything else, discolored and grotesque. He remembered the board saying his daughter would have an “iron tongue.” She did eventually get better, but the timing and horrific nature of the event are directly linked to the entity. Yet, this is only one of many times Zozo has prophesized horrible things to come that came true to those who’ve summoned it.

Paranormal Deaths

The Ouija Demon has also predicted accurate deaths to come during sessions for those who summoned it. That’s why one of the main pieces of advice by paranormal researchers is never to ask the board how you will die (especially if encountering the Z-Entity). Its predictions have been eerily accurate, even 20 or more years after the Ouja Board session.

Whether the entity actually causes these deaths or just foreshadows what was already fated to come is up for debate. But, don’t take any chances and never ask the board about one’s death. The entity is known to attempt to entice people, saying things like “It will lead them to paradise,” but upon further elaboration, when asked where this paradise is, the entity always states “HELL.”


Never take the Djinn lightly.

I’ve covered the Djinn many times throughout the Cryptic Chronicles, but I will elaborate nonetheless. In modern times the Djinn are mostly associated with Islam, yet Djinn lore is far more ancient than the world’s youngest Abrahamic religion. Old beyond recorded history even. In Arabic, the name Djinn means “Hidden Ones,” and that is because, for the most part, they are invisible to ordinary human sense organs. They are born of smokeless fire and exist in a realm parallel to ours while being in the same spot within space-time. They once ruled the Earth long before humanity’s ancestors rose from the primordial waters.

The Djinn are incredibly powerful, and Zozo has all the attributes in a supernatural context to that of these magnificent spiritual beings. However, Djinn are not inherently evil to avoid association with the common perspective of demons. They are good, neutral, and everything in between. Much paranormal phenomenon could be the actions of Djinn because they are capable of any supernatural activity you could possibly think up.


You DO NOT want to meet Mama…

The most terrifying form of the Z-Entity actually doesn’t even have a Z in the name. When it manifests as Mama, shit is really about to hit the fan. However, Zozo has also referred to Mama as a separate entity. Despite this, a common thought is they are the same spirit, because what idiot would ever believe what a demon tells them?

The Mama entity often leads the Planchette to cryptic messages insinuating it desires the unborn child of a pregnant woman. It will mess with the victim’s mind to prematurely abort the unborn innocent in some way such as an “accident” or self-inflicted harm after a mental breakdown from the demon’s influence. If you’ve ever been frightened by tales of the legendary “Mama” supernatural entity, I bet you didn’t know it’s connected to THE Ouja Board demon. Though some attribute Mama, the Z-Entity, with all its different names, to be a collective of entities, and not a singular spirit.


Zozo is mentioned in a nineteenth-century demonology encyclopedia called Dictionnaire Infernal. There is a minimal elaboration on the entity within the book. Though it is directly linked to the possession of a young girl in France hundreds of years ago, and the name Zozo has roughly been translated to Imp, but there is not much to work with. However, this is before the invention of the Ouija Board, and the Z-Entity may not have found a reliable or enjoyable way into the material world yet.

The Z-Entity has ALL the hallmarks of a “trickster spirit” from mythology. According to Nephilim lore, the souls of these half-Watcher Half-Human hybrids are trapped on Earth and became restless spirits. The Sumerian myth of Anzu who was one of the Annunaki and plotted to steal the Tablets of Destiny from the Annunaki Lord Enlil but failed and perished in the end. Anzu was once the ruler of the Annunaki before being dethroned by Anu, and goes along with Zozo’s massive ego and lust for power and how he referred to himself as “the King of Kings.”

Is it possible Zozo rules over other demons?

Franciscan Saint Bernadino of Siena also mentioned Zozo in a famous sermon all the way back in the 1400s. Saint Bernadino was an excellent orator with immense charisma. Back in those days, people would gather from all around to hear such sermons as the height of entertainment. The saint was so good at inspiring emotions and ecstatic thought in the masses his sermons were often documented and referenced again and again. In one such sermon called the “mass of Zozo,” he called it the “common to all the demons,” which is super cryptic, and he didn’t elaborate. And this is 500+ years before the production of the Ouja Board.

So, you might be asking how to defeat the Zozo demon? You can’t. You can, however, defend yourself, have precautions, or limit its influence/banish it. Such as:

1. Avoid Ouija Boards.

2. Have mastery over your emotions with courage undaunted.

3. Have a quiet, fully functional mind from a dedicated meditation practice over a long period.

4. Cultivate mediumship disciplines from required training.

5. Obtain vast esoteric knowledge.

6. Find someone with true faith to help you (doesn’t have to be Christian) or have them help you develop true faith and help yourself.

7. Follow the rules of utilizing a Ouija Board

Good luck.

The Ouja is not something the weak-minded should ever go near.

Make sure you check out Darren Evans’ other work as well as his radio show!


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