I enjoy conspiracy theories and always have. It doesn’t mean I believe them, and I definitely give some more weight than others. They are fascinating to me and like a form of folklore. However, the true and unnerving fact concerning conspiracy theories is that though 90% are bullshit, there is always that 10% that turns out to be true. After all, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean someone isn’t after you. 

In saying all that, the Dave Chappelle Theory is easily one of my favorites out of all conspiracy theories because I am such a fan of his. I even shook hands with Charlie Murphy at a comedy club once, who was a regular on his show. Just remember not to believe anything you hear and only half of what you see. After all, the truth is always stranger than fiction, and things are rarely what they seem at face value.  

Dave Chappelle is one of the greatest entertainers who ever lived and will go down in history as one of the all-time greats like Charles Chaplain, Robin Williams, and Richard Pryor. Though I’ve loved him since Robin Hood Men In Tights, the majority of people most likely were introduced to him in the legendary Chappelle’s Show that everyone from all walks of life enjoyed. His show was pretty much the most beloved show across America and beyond. But then, after an incredibly successful second season of the show, out of nowhere, the show fell apart, never to film another episode, much less a season 3. Chappelle was on top of the world one moment and then stepped out of the spotlight and obfuscated the next. 

Best movie ever.

Many conspiracy theories were born from the bizarre nature the end of Chappelle’s Show came about, and to some, Dave descended into madness. However, I will not for one second support that he went crazy; moreso, he had his life destroyed by The Machine. But let’s entertain some of these cryptic theories that supposedly caused the show’s implosion.

One of the most entertaining theories is that the current Dave is an impostor. After all, he’s is forty pounds heavier now, and his voice is much deeper than it used to be, with others saying he doesn’t even show expressions on his face anymore like he used to. These conspiracy theorists say his drastic change in appearance is because the current Dave Chappelle is actually a clone created by the Illuminati, and the original is dead. They say he didn’t do what he was told and had to be replaced. Dave’s own alleged cousin has even stated the present Dave is a clone. These clone theories are a deep rabbit hole I’m not going to get into because they also concern other cloned celebrities, CEOs, and politicians. And I’m sure you don’t have your tinfoil hats on, so go buy one now at crypticchronicles.com for only five hundred thousand million dollars apiece. When all you have one, I’ll get into the clone conspiracies, so I know you’ll be safe. 

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Concerning the leading theories about Chappelle, I’m getting my source from an interesting website that popped up randomly going into depth on a cabal of elites that set their sites on Dave. The creator claimed to be a former executive that was disgusted at the whole event, and he was there during the harassment of Dave Chappelle. The website has since been censored and no longer up, but it was called chappelletheories.com.

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The theory stated that a cabal of prominent leaders in the black community of various industries and backgrounds all organized a campaign of terror against Dave. He received death threats, ominous phone calls, and all-around horrific harassment. And all the while, it was done on the down-low to make him appear crazy to others if he reached out for help. The main players in the theory are stated to be: Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, Bill Cosby, Whoopi Goldberg, Oprah Winfrey, and Robert Johnson (the founder of BET), are all head figures in this cabal. They apparently were offended by the show and got together to get it either altered to their liking or canceled altogether, at all costs. And Oprah, out of all of them, was the most dangerous and zealous of them all, which puts a little bit more context into the skits Dave did on the show concerning Oprah. They could have been symbolic resistance. Well, if any of this is true, that is. 

The Oprah cabal is a horrifying idea.

There is, however, some odd evidence to back up the theory. Such as a phone call Dave made to a friend that went like this (paraphrased):

“I was in bed next to my wife when I got woken up by a heavy pressure on my chest. 

I opened my eyes to find one of the three men — that appeared in my bathroom days before — perched on top of my stomach, wielding a Colt 45 handgun with an enormous silencer. The other two men were holding me down. It seemed like my wife had been drugged, as she laid motionless but breathing next to me. 

Oprah Winfrey leaned forward and whispered in my ear “you better watch your step — we’re representing interests more powerful than you can imagine. You do remember that Farrakhan killed Malcom, and that Cosby, Johnson and I have more money than God — we can keep this harassment up forever. Is this what you want your life to be like Dave?” 

The last thing I remember, someone knocked me out. 

I woke up with my wife the next morning, and I thought it might have been a dream, but I still have a bruise on my head, and I really think this all happened, despite the fact that my wife shows no signs of anything having ever happened.”‘

Well, that’s fucking horrifying. And it is a perfect example of the sort of harassment he suffered from the cabal. It was all hidden and not in the open, which was not only to keep the shadow campaign out of the public light but to mess with Dave’s mental stability. 

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Kat Williams, another famous entertainer, also claims that Chappelle was the victim of an Entertainment Industry conspiracy. 

“Dave Chappelle was decapitated in front of us,” said Katt.

In an interview, Kat also states that there are tons of stories similar to what happened to Dave, but no one talks out of fear. He then said he wouldn’t tell either wryly. The difference here is that Kat says it was all executives at Comedy Central that destroyed Dave and not a cabal of the Elite. 

After 2017, it’s no secret the depravity that is Hollywood to anyone with half a brain and eyes to see along with ears to hear. The silencing of abuse that went on for years by the mainstream media was finally seeing the light of day. It’s ironically hilarious, considering how Hollywood loves to preach to everyone while being the embodiment of depravity. The whole debacle also shed new light on past interviews Dave had given and many others of those silenced victims’ subtle cries for help. 

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But despite the real-world evidence of corruption and evil in the industry, one of the more bizarre and disturbing theories concerns the Elite and the MK-Ultra Monarch Program. MK-Ultra was a series of unethical experiments the government conducted researching mind control on oblivious citizens and forced guinea pigs. MK-Ultra really happened and has irrefutable evidence to prove it, especially after once top-secret documents surrounding it were released to the public after the Freedom of Information act. But you can 100% come to the conclusion only the tip of the iceberg of information surrounding MK-Ultra is actually available to the public. 

And they wonder why people have trust issues with the government.

The MK-Ultra Monarch Program is the end result of such experiments and one of the supposed main tools used by the Illuminati. The Elite only like their own puppets in places of power or to become celebrities. However, there are always some who rise to prominence on their own, like Dave. Monarchs are people controlled through MK-Ultra Monarch programming, which essentially shatters one’s psyche to create multiple personalities in a victim that are able to be influenced by their “Handler.” And MK-Ultra Monarch programming is only induced through horrific torture of both the mind and body. However, those not part of the Elites are not so easily controlled.

Some celebrities or successful people go along with the Illuminati and know about all the messed-up stuff but don’t care as long as they get their paycheck. Supposedly Jay Z is one of these types of celebrities. However, Dave refused to go along with all the bullshit, and that’s why he had to be destroyed or shattered into compliance… Or cloned, I guess if you wanna go down that tunnel. 

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Dave has commented in many interviews how his “contract” gave the executives rights to “use his likeness in perpetuation throughout the universe,” which is a super weird thing to say. It’s also apparent Dave can’t be open and objective in talking about what happened to him and his treatment because he talks about it through parables and analogy. His inability to be upfront about it all most likely has to do with his contracts and not wanting to get sued into oblivion or something. But, this inability to tell the truth on the topic could very much be darker than mere entertainment industry contracts. 

Keep on keeping it real Dave.

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