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Warning graphic content! I hope you have clearance for this. The storm that Bleeds is a manifestation of anomalous rain followed by the arrival of an ancient submarine filled with bizarre entities. SCP-1861 requires full Read more…


This alien race is supposedly the most technologically advanced in the galaxy, as well as one of the most spiritually advanced. They also are sworn protectors of Earth and safeguard it from hostile aliens that Read more…


  This Outer God from the Cthulhu Mythos commands all space-time and exists just outside our material universe. Though for unknown reasons this eldritch horror is not allowed into reality, aspects of itself can indeed Read more…


#SCP #scpfoundation #SCP2456 I hope you have clearance for this. The following documents SCP-2456 which is a mind-virus that causes visions of grandeur to spread a new religion.

Dr. Carl Tanzler

I think pretty much everyone has had a person in their lives that they’ve become infatuated with. It doesn’t even have to be “in love” or a relationship like that because infatuation doesn’t have to Read more…

10 Anomalous Superhuman Abilities

  Tales of supernatural Yogi are abundant, with these enlightened beings portraying extreme anomalous abilities that seem superhuman. There are also the tales of the Ascended Masters, Zen masters, saints, psychics, Light Workers, Tibetan Buddhists, Read more…

The Vile Vortices

The Bermuda Triangle is just one of many Vile Vortices across the planet. Countless people have vanished from these locations and anomalous activity is rife vanishing and unexplainable phenomena. Call Cryptic Chronicles to tell us Read more…

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