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Hope you have clearance for this… SCP-2659 is a bizarre anomaly that resides at the bottom of the Mediterranean sea. Though it has been known to the Foundation since 2001, there is far more we Read more…

The Shadow

“The Shadow” is a term used in psychology, specifically being a theme in the work of famed psychologist Carl Jung. Now, Jung is easily the most profound and spiritual psychologist who ever lived and doubled Read more…

Angel Communication

Article by Shawna Allard Angel communication | Learning how to hear the divine messages World full of Spirits Believe it or not, there are many spirits living among us, some good, some bad, some just Read more…

The Chapel Perilous

Reader beware because reading this can initiate a series of events to transpire that will destroy the current version of “you” and open a doorway that once passed through, there is no turning back. If Read more…


Story by Faith Wilson Caution this horror short story contains explicit content and is not suitable for all readers. It not only contains graphic horror but public execution. This story contains vulgar language and the Read more…


Hope you have clearance for this… SCP-4175 (Friends Made, and the Void) is a unique anomaly that requires MTF Psi-8 (The Silencers) for their paranormal expertise. Just how did this boy’s “essence” get trapped in Read more…

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