Hope you have clearance for this… SCP-2659 is a bizarre anomaly that resides at the bottom of the Mediterranean sea. Though it has been known to the Foundation since 2001, there is far more we do not understand about it


Hope you have clearance for this… SCP-4175 (Friends Made, and the Void) is a unique anomaly that requires MTF Psi-8 (The Silencers) for their paranormal expertise. Just how did this boy’s “essence” get trapped in a mirror, and is our


Warning graphic content!

I hope you have clearance for this. The storm that Bleeds is a manifestation of anomalous rain followed by the arrival of an ancient submarine filled with bizarre entities. SCP-1861 requires full force from the Foundation to


By Shawn “Buttons” Wallace

The haze I awoke to was thick as water. Darkness with a blue glow enveloped me—dim light with no source other than what one can describe the aether. Then a knock came to the door.

Knock! …

The New God

Written by Shawn “Buttons” Wallace

People became puppets. The planet became a horrifying chessboard of carnage. Lifeblood of civilians and entire civilizations spilled just for amusement.

It came from the sky in April, and the news began to spread worldwide. …

The Discarded

Written by Shawn “Buttons” Wallace

For the better part of eight months, I have been privately investigating crimes that the police have deemed solved. However, these have been cover-ups, for some of the cases were so gruesome yet so inhuman, …