Aaaand straight from the Old Testament of the Bible are the Nefilim, Annunaki, or the Aldebaran. These deities are found in the mythological traditions of the Sumerians, Akkadians, Assyrians, and Babylonians. Basically many super old human civilizations of the Near East believed in a form of these beings. They come from the planet Nibiru (also called planet X), which has some interstellar connection to our solar system.

Annunaki are far larger than humans

In 1849 ancient tablets of Babylon were discovered in the Near East that dates back to the 7th-century B.C.E. The tablets depict the Annunaki, who are described in the tablets as descending from the heavens in flying vehicles of some sort. Many depictions and carvings can be translated as sci-fi in nature with a little imagination. The Annunaki’s style of dress was similar to ancient Persian, though this style was found in many cultures of the surrounding area. These aliens are taller and larger than humans, but otherwise, are pretty much indistinguishable from us (at least to most sources). The Annunaki are immune to disease and don’t physically age past a certain point, making their lifespans eternal unless they’re killed in a means other than old age. So, they can hypothetically live forever but are still mortal.

After internal conflict, it was agreed upon within the ranks of the Annunaki to create a slave species as a source of manual labor. Primitive bipeds on the planet were an ideal choice for this servant race, so the Annunaki mixed their genes them to create humankind. There were many experiments, versions, and mistakes, but eventually, they had their slave race to mine their precious metals for them. However, they purposely made humans weaker than themselves, with short life spans, among many more biological vulnerabilities. So according to many E.T. versions of the Annunaki, humans were created with no sense of morality, purpose, or philosophical meaning. Primitive man was a resource to be exploited, and nothing more.

Allegedly these E.T.s visited Earth in pre-history and noticed Earth’s massive store of precious metals. The Annunaki wanted this resource, building a settlement, and establishing dominance over our world.

The Annunaki are a religious civilization, with their own code of ethics, but they are not benevolent. Though there were Annunaki who were agreeable to humans if even fond of them, they were a minority. Violence is a common tool to be used in their culture. Their character is individualistic, with many shades of gray to their morality just like humans. These beings could be the giants mentioned in many ancient accounts. Their size and strength is drastically superior to humanity. In any case though, the slave race they created looked up to them like they were gods. With some of these so-called gods even having hybrid children with humans, that some consider being the great heroes of myth and legend. And whose descendants are the elite puppet masters who rule us behind the scenes till the present day.

According to this narrative eventually, the so-called gods had to leave Earth. Accounts vary on why, but a common take is that the Annunaki were at war back within their own territory of space either against some unknown enemy or civil war amongst themselves. But, it was also said they would one day return. However, humanity’s reception with their creators is unlikely to be beneficial to our own civilization.

The Annunaki were responsible for creating many of humanities most famous civilizations

This version of the Annunaki is kind of a bummer. It originates from a man named Zecharia Sitchin that wrote many popular books on the subject after allegedly deciphering the ancient Babylonian tablets. I got super into these books for a bit about ten years ago, and while thinking them fascinating, never really took them seriously. Later upon researching more, there turned out to be a lot of holes in Sitchin’s theories. Back in the day when he wrote the books, the Sumerian language was only known to a select few experts. In recent times not so much. Tons of inaccuracies were found in Sitchin’s translations. He was very frivolous and strained in assigning meanings to ancient words. The man constantly quotes out of context connections that distorts evidence, and he used inaccurate references many times throughout his research. And many words he presented as facts were straight-up translated wrong.

Now to be fair a lot of Sitchin’s mistakes could be from the technological limitations of the time so it’s not all his fault. But, it’s blatantly obvious he was biased and released information as fact when he wasn’t sure. He also avoided presenting evidence that contradicted his own theories and translations. His astrological findings were wrong too, with hundreds of Sumerian calendars recently decoded and translated as only having 5 planets and not the 12 Sitchin claims. It turned out he translated stars as planets on many occasions. In truth, Sitchin’s linguistics, anthropology, biology, and astronomy were far from professional. He even completely ignores the world outside of Mesopotamia, and it is proven he really didn’t understand the Babylonian language he often uses as references.

Despite their advanced civilization, the Annunaki were very human and just as prone to violence

What does this mean? A lot of what he says is wrong and the Annunaki are more myth than ancient alien. Though Sitchin’s work has spawned many versions of the Annunaki and contradicting theories in the New Age E.T. community as well as others. Such as the Annunaki didn’t create humans with their own genes, we were already here, they just altered a select small group of humanity for slave labor. Or that the Annunaki were a product of the Reptilian’s hybrid experiment with Sirian aliens. Making the Annunaki a member of the Alleged E.T. Reptilian Draconic Empire (yea this stuff gets really weird). Or that the Nephilim (fallen angels from the Bible) were a hybrid of Annunaki and humans. Others even say that they have changed their ways to become “good guys” wanting humanity to ascend to a higher state of consciousness.

The information regarding this E.T. race is as contradictory as it gets. Even the Sumerians were unable to keep their story straight in their ancient tablets. And much of the pseudoscience claiming to know the Annunaki to be real history get basic facts in many categories constantly wrong. So, take any information you find on this alien race with a grain of salt. But, just because I’ve debunked a lot of the information on them to my own perspective does not mean I’m hating on anyone else’s. Who knows, maybe we are just a hybrid alien slave race floating on a ball of resources for the gathering in space and the Annunaki’s home planet of Nibiru is on route back to Earth. Anything is possible, and Sitchin could totally be right.

The Annunaki were dominators first and everything else second

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