This is one of the more bizarre aliens from the UFO phenomenon, the insectoids. Better known as the mantis race. These extraterrestrials are one of the most enigmatic and freakish looking aliens that contactees have allegedly encountered. The mantis race supposedly comes from the sombrero galaxy 28 million light-years away from Earth. So they’re road trippers. Capable of traveling massive distances across the stars. There are many such insectoid races that originate from the sombrero galaxy, but it’s these mantis in particular that have a consistent involvement with our galactic community. Many claim these alien beings are benevolent, but evidence would suggest they’re not what they seem. The mantis show great talent for deception and are excellent at manipulating human emotions to their own agenda.

Their intentions are definitely questionable

The mantis look kind of like praying mantis found here on Earth, though humanoid. They’re bipedal beings who walk and use limbs just like humans. These beings have heightened awareness almost like a form of radar. The ships they use to travel through space are not even spaceships at all, but spherical orbs that emanate light and more teleport than actually travel through the cosmos. These orb spacecraft are always bursting with great light and seem to be able to change size as well. Mantis are highly sensitive to sound and light and look very intimidating with their huge bug-like black saucer eyes. Instead of skin, they have an exoskeleton that’s incredibly thick and durable. They’re also incredibly tall when standing straight reaching up to 9 feet tall. The torsos are long and thin, just like their limbs, which have far more joints than humans. The mantis come in a variety of colors: green, brown, black- sometimes even white. The mantis’ show signs of individuality both physically and mentally just like humans. Their exoskeletons look like they’re coated with an oily substance and they often wear long robes in contactee accounts. These beings have even been caught on film, like this footage from Taiwan that’s been called legit by photo experts.

Some lore says these beings are from the Orion belt, or even from the Draco system, and are a part of the reptilian E.T. race’s interstellar empire. The reptilian’s being a known malevolent force in the cosmos, and responsible for much suffering in our universe. Though there are different origins and accounts of their ambitions, it’s safe to say the insectoids inspire great fear in humans because of their frightful appearance. Though encounters with this species are not nearly as common as ones with the Pleiadians or zeta reticulans, these aliens command just as much attention. The mantis communicate telepathically to humans, but in an unnerving language of clicks and clacks with one another. Some who have had a close encounter with the mantis say they have technology that projects an illusion around them that makes the E.T. appear human. These holograms have often ceased at the most inopportune moment, horrifying the human onlooker.

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Most mantis abductions begin with a person frozen in sleep paralysis who feels an ominous presence in the room just before the aliens bend down to look at them. This is obviously utterly horrifying to the victim. When abducted to the mantis vessel, the insectoids perform medical procedures and instances of interrogation. It’s been reported by many abductees that upon the insectoids’ vessel, they’re served by greys, the most commonly reported E.T. race. The motivation behind mantis abductions remains mysterious. Sometimes they’re uplifting and positive, using holographic projections to educate the abductee. There are many documented encounters of these holographic education abductions. Mostly these educational experiences revolve around the impact humans are having on the Earth and possible future negative outcomes of our current path as a species. During these encounters on the mantis vessels, the aliens show a powerful ability to telepathically end fear in a human, even comforting them. Also interesting to note is abductees often claim to have gained a level of psychic abilities after their abduction is over and they’ve been returned home.

Yea no thank you sleep paralysis inducing aliens I don’t wanna meet you

The mantis seem like good guys, right? Well, for every positive tale of an abduction concerning the mantis race, there’s a darker one too. A large number of abductees state that the mantis have no interest in humankind’s well being whatsoever. They’ve supposedly been overheard calling humanity a resource, and Earth should be conquered and controlled. Yet, for some unknown reason, the Mantis cannot openly engage with us or interfere with our development. Some abductees say they want to harvest our DNA for its unique properties, and one of their main intentions is to create human mantis hybrids. The scariest of the species is called the tall blacks, who have glowing red eyes, and are a possible hybrid. The tall blacks have often been reported to intimidate humans while they’re aboard the alien vessel.

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Some abductees claim to have been taken to another world where the mantis are taskmasters or overseers of chained humanoid aliens performing hard manual labor. This would fit perfectly in line with their supposed ties to the reptilians. The abductees have also been taken to UFO’s where other aliens of various races are imprisoned as well. With DNA tampering or hybrid experimentation being the sole focus of the mantis. Frightening medical procedures are a common theme in these insectoid encounters and is the source of much trauma in victims abducted by these enigmatic aliens.

Yea no thank you sleep paralysis inducing aliens I don’t wanna meet you

What about the so-called positive encounters? If you can call them positive encounters… Do the mantis hypnotize the humans to be calm or do they genuinely put the abductee at ease? In some cases, there is positive and negative mantis in a single encounter. Like some interstellar good cop bad cop routine. There are many accounts of abductees being forced into a room together and made to march around totally naked by an overbearing mantis overseer. The mantis have then reportedly forced the men to have sex with female hybrids while the overseers watch, seemingly getting a kick out of it (this also happens to women). Some abductees are asked to stay and not go back to Earth by the insectoid hybrids they were forced to have sexual encounters with, the thought of not being able to return to Earth filling them with great dread. Yet, there has been no report of someone taking them up on the offer. In a couple encounters female mantis have gone out of their way to calm and reassure abductees. Letting the human get close to them so they can study the alien’s bony contours of their exoskeleton, and even presenting them their sexual organs.

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Mantis seem to be very proud beings who exert a powerful presence. From abductee report to abductee report, the demeanor ranges from loving and gentle, to harsh and cruel. Many times in a single encounter. Whether the mantis are just morally shades of grey like humans, or sociopathic deceivers, it doesn’t matter; an encounter with a Mantis is most certainly not in any human’s benefit. Though there are still those who claim they’re benevolent, evidence would suggest otherwise (unless there are two different factions of this E.T. race).

How would you like to wake up to THIS starring at you?

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