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For the better part of eight months, I have been privately investigating crimes that the police have deemed solved. However, these have been cover-ups, for some of the cases were so gruesome yet so inhuman, that otherworldly causes must be the answer.

The first case I began was about a young woman found inside her apartment screaming while holding the remains of her full-term, self aborted fetus. I’m not going to tell any details about this particular young woman, rather the anomalous nature of why this scene had taken place, to begin with.

After some deep digging and coming across four other similar cases, I was able to put together what all the women had in common. They had been victims of sexual assault. Most of them resulting in pregnancy.

It was weeks before I got the news, but upon medical examination, the woman from the crime scene had apparently waited until the thirty-six week gestation period and aborted this poor fetus herself. She had used a wooden kitchen skewer which had badly damaged herself too.

For some apparent reason, the child was missing over a third of its skin which looked to be surgically removed. Making matters worse, the deed seemed to have been done pre-mortem.

You see, I was recently “fired” from a job at the D.A.P.E.O. Which mean Department of Anomalous Paranormal Entities and Objects. Realizing that the case I was working was clearly paranormal in nature, I contacted an old colleague. After giving the details of the scene and telling of the other similar cases, my contact said “they” would look into the anomalous details and report any findings back to me.

Two days had passed when I received a manila envelope under my apartment door which contained a USB drive with the words “Can’t be unseen” written in Sharpe.
I opened my laptop and stuck in the drive but the information I had received was beyond anything even the agency could have prepared me for.

I discovered that this had been taking place since 1977; in this very same city. Apparently, on November 3, 1976, a 19-year-old girl was sexually assaulted in her home apartment and when it was discovered that the assault resulted in pregnancy, the young lady began to lose her grip on reality.

What little reason she had left was slipping away

The girl began staying shut-in day after day and became extremely erratic more and more so closer to the due date. Eventually, no one saw the girl for weeks. When at last a neighbor called 911 because of “the sound of pure sorrow”, the woman was found to have aborted her own

child exactly thirty-six weeks after conception.
Not only had she performed the abortion but she had also attempted to remove her own uterus with a paring knife. Luckily she was saved from death but was locked away in an institution.

I also discovered the same happenings to another 24-year-old woman but luckily she was alive yet having regular therapy and was heavily medicated..
I was able to meet with this poor soul but was afraid my questioning would cause her to spiral out of control. However, she seemed eager to help. “Anything to keep this from happening to anyone else is all I care about” she stated.

She began by telling me of the assault. After missing her first period she took a test and was positive for pregnancy. “This,” she said, “Broke me.” She told how she began feeling enveloped by darkness which came from a place of hate. “Every time I walked into a room, a small thing would catch my eye but instantly disappear.” She said.

The woman told me that as the time went on she began hearing a voice inside her saying “No one wants to be near you.” So she began staying locked inside her cold, dark, apartment. “That’s when it came to me”, she said. He was nigh a teen nor a toddler, more an ageless, featureless, creation of fear and hate.

The entity she ascribed was like a pigment-less, tortured manifestation of a child. She described it as hairless and would always appear on its knees with its face to the sky with an ever open mouth as to be screaming in agony. The arms as she describes them were straight down its side and seemed fused to the flesh of its torso. Yet the worst detail she gave was of the thing’s attire. It was draped in a poncho-like sack with a hole for the head and hung only down to its belly button region. Though it had no privacy creating clothing, it didn’t matter for the girl said it was genderless. However, the sack worn by this entity seemed to be made of “skin”.

The entity was as sorrow inducing as it was horrifying

The young woman told me that the true anomaly began around three months after conception. That’s when the entity first visually manifests itself. As the girl informed me, she felt warmth and no fear from this entity. Even though now she says that she can’t live alone or sleep without heavy sedatives due to visualization of the thing.

The entity began appearing closer and closer to the victim as the pregnancy progressed and each time it grew closer, she felt an increase in fear, anger, and disgust. By the last week of the “haunting”, the victim says she was almost catatonic most times. Just staring at this abomination that sat before her.

One night, the victim claims, round 1:20 am, the entity began to scream endlessly. Having and I quote “My unborn baby’s cry.” The longer it screamed the more the young woman seemed to drift away to madness. The next thing the young woman remembers is waking in the hospital, strapped to the bed.

So from all the evidence I’ve compiled, this entity is created based on hate and disgust fueled psyche. I believe that the pregnancies which are causes by sexual assault cause this anomaly to form which is the physical manifestation of these assault victim’s hate for the fetus inside them.

It seems to me that victims who continue to encounter the entity are met with a “cognitohazard” which renders them unable to control their behavior. Hallucinations and delusions seem to drive victims mad.

I’m not certain why the victims always enact the abortion process at thirty-six weeks, but in every scenario that fully played out, that is most certainly the case. They will look for any item which can perform the task and thus give themselves a late-term abortion. It is now thought that some victims remove some of the aborted children’s’ flesh and consume it. Driving them to a fate of madness and horror. The sack made of infant skin seen on the entity probably is an amalgamation of the mental insanity of the women who are going through this process and of the women that did so in the past.

In conclusion, I believe this entity is drawn to certain women who hold unusually deep hate and sadness for the child they carry within. Especially victims of incestuous rape. I am going to be furthering my research into this thing and try and find a way to stop it. Though I no longer work for the agency, I will be releasing the handwritten letters from the victims of this “curse ” ,which I received copies of from my contact, as so that possibly bringing awareness to it will, just maybe, let women of sexual assault be more prone to seeking help and not let this evil fester until there is no return from the murder it results in.

To all concerned,

All copyright and distribution rights of this short story belong to the writer Shawn “Buttons” Wallace. No unauthorized publications are to be made.

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