Tales of supernatural Yogi are abundant, with these enlightened beings portraying extreme anomalous abilities that seem superhuman. There are also the tales of the Ascended Masters, Zen masters, saints, psychics, Light Workers, Tibetan Buddhists, mystics, prophets, and occultists, who all allegedly have anomalous superhuman abilities. But, just what are these spiritual powers they seem to possess, and what relevance do they have in the modern world?

Though the majority of society is skeptical such things are possible; some accounts are hard to deny unless one is delusionally self-ignorant of seeing beyond the little box they’ve accepted as their reality. Many people are incapable of seeing beyond their social conditioning. Now, in saying that, I’m not saying anomalous superhuman abilities are true, or that you should even take them seriously. All I’m saying is, things are very rarely what they seem at face value.

Leaked CIA documents give relevance to the existence of humans with supernormal abilities. These documents state that scientists have been studying these phenomena officially with government-issued sanction and funding for around 20 years now. You can go look up the documents yourself too if you want proof, it’s entitled: “The Chronology Of Recent Interest In Exceptional Functions Of The Human Body In The People’s Republic Of China.” It revolves around the government’s interest in China’s experiments and research into parapsychology, and anomalous events. You can access the documents through the CIA website, thanks to the Freedom Of Information Act. Still, the documents were leaked initially without the intent of them ever being exposed to the public.

However, I’m not trying to prove anything to anyone, moreso, give you an overview of what many consider to be real. Since any subjective reality could be regarded as objective, the truth tends to be a point of view. The following are many of the alleged abilities gained by 1% of the population through enlightenment, spiritual growth, or gifted straight up from entities in the spirit realms. Through mental training, these sages have learned to have total control over the mind, body, and soul, as well as the very fabric of reality.

1. Aura Seeing/Reading

This ability has documentation in almost all spiritual traditions across the globe throughout human history. The Yogi of India especially is renowned for having this ability. The funny thing about auras is they are scientifically proven to exist through science; we can’t see them with the light spectrum our physical sight can see, but with specific devices, you can actually take pictures of auras. The aura is invisible fields of energy that surrounds all living things, as well as nonliving things. Inanimate objects have auras just like humans and animals, only to a different degree.

People with the ability to perceive auras are not viewing them with their physical eyes; it’s the psychic sight that sees them. The light spectrum shifts based on what energy is being generated in the aura. This changes the color of the aura and can shift based on a variety of things, including emotion, moral alignment, and spiritual/psychic/physical health.

Some people even have auras that are almost one color. Which is extremely rare, and usually a person of very high spiritual standing. Such as the white aura of ascended masters, or people selected by higher powers to perform deeds in assisting the development of humanity in their current incarnation. Philosophers, mystics, saints, shamans, and old souls often have white auras.

The aura is also a representation of psychic/spiritual defense because demons and spirits are said only to be able to possess someone if there are holes in the aura that can be penetrated. It also guards and helps suppress the invading energies of other humans. Depending on how healthy an aura is, it can mean how influenced one is by other’s emotions, and the psychic pushes and pulls from other humans that happens unconsciously.

Those with the ability to see auras can witness the swirls of cascading energies change in color based on mood, intention, or if someone is lying or trying to manipulate. The aura also indicates if someone has bad or violent intentions. Anything of this nature can be viewed in an obvious manner by an aura reader, which makes them almost impossible to fool, and grants them much insight invisible to ordinary people.

2. Invisibility

The ability to become invisible is moreso done by psychic blocking of other people’s minds from registering ones-self than actually becoming invisible. The accounts of ordinary people interacting with Yogic masters are sprawling with unexplainable examples of them vanishing from sight. The odd thing about these accounts is that it didn’t really matter if they had looked away briefly only to have the Yogi disappear, or the Yogi vanish right in front of them when they were looking directly at them.

Patanjali talks about the yogic ability to disappear in his yoga sutras, and it’s also mentioned in many sacred Indian texts. Sometimes when a yogi vanishes, it seems they step out of space-time for a bit, only to reappear at a later date completely unchanged. Such accounts gave birth to stories of Yoga Masters being able to appear in two places at once to disciples.

In the Siddi III.21, it states that invisibility is a result of looking at the body intensely with the inner eye. The Sanskrit gives a rough insinuation; it’s “a suspension of the coarse or limited projection of the body.” Through energy manipulation, the body is surrounded by an etheric vapor mirroring the light spectrum of the sun that’s an extension of the subtle energy body all humans possess that exists on the astral plane.

Mainstream ordinary people are unaware of the vast limitations of the basic human sense organs. Just how much does the brain actually perceive around us? What if becoming invisible was just changing the frequency in which we vibrate in this plane of existence? Well, to Yogi, it’s a genuine possibility. Through concentrated meditation, the guru essentially makes the body imperceptible to the human eye.

The collective unconscious of humanity can recognize the psychic signals of consciousness, but with a quiet mind calmed through years of meditation, one can virtually be invisible to other’s subconscious radar. By stopping the energy of thoughts, the yogi gives themselves a type of psychic cloak.

However, the yogi of the east is not the only ones said to have this mystic power. There are also the mystery schools of the west that claim to have the ability of invisibility. The Rosicrucians of Europe/America possess the knowledge on how to achieve it as well, which is a closely guarded occult secret. This includes the other Hermetic orders that are offshoots of Rosicrucianism, including the Masons, the Order of the Golden Dawn, and the countless offshoot mystery schools that came from them. The notorious occultist Aleister Crowley himself claimed to achieve invisibility once. Crowley is said to have walked down a busy street dressed in a completely ridiculous outfit, but no one paid him a second glance or even seemed to notice him at all.

3. Precognition/Premonition

According to quantum physics, the future is not certain, but always shifting based on our current behaviors and thoughts. Those with the ability of precognition can glimpse into possible outcomes of the future. I’m also going to throw premonition in here because they are such similar anomalous abilities.

Premonition/precognition can come in a variety of forms, all unique in their own way. It can be a “gut” feeling that something is wrong or going to turn out in a certain conclusion (which is a premonition), and those experiencing precognition see possible futures in dreams, synchronicities, omens through symbolism, or visions.

Precognition is not quite the ability of prophecy, but it’s in the same ballpark to a degree. Prophecy is to foresee future events that are set in stone and unavoidable, whereas precognition is to see possible futures that are in flux. Someone having precognition in the form of visions will veg out for a bit in a trance-like state seeing flashes of the future, which reminds me of the people from the Final Destination movies.

While not really illuminating guaranteed future events, precognition can help assist in gaining the most beneficial outcome to situations in all ways. This is one anomalous ability said to be naturally gifted to a higher degree in humans than the other abilities I am mentioning. However, it is suppressed early on in childhood to become permanently dormant for the rest of people’s lives from social conditioning. In fact, every single person’s subconscious mind is said to have precognitive abilities, and those who can open the door to the unconscious can reawaken this forgotten human ability.

In our modern society, we look down on past things like oracles from the classical age. But, what modern culture does not teach us is that the oracles, such as the oracles of Delphi in ancient Greece, gave readings that were the salvation of Greece many times over, essentially saving the Western world from Eastern tyranny, allowing unique cultural growth and identity. Oracles were used to change the world on many occasions. What these oracles were tapping into was the precognition of their subconscious minds for the best outcomes of Greece’s current situation. The unconscious has incredible power that is untapped by ordinary people.

4. Telepathy

Telepathy is an anomalous ability some humans are said to possess that is extremely rare. It is the ability to communicate on the mental plane solely with one’s mind. In parapsychology, telepathy is also a form of ESP. The most common form of telepathy is not a natural ability someone can use at will, but something that happens once or twice in a lifetime, usually in times of crisis, trauma, or death of a loved one. The phenomenon of a twin “feeling” their twin’s death is a form of telepathy.

Telepaths, on the other hand, can use the ability at will. Though, it is not necessarily words being spoken directly into someone’s head like in comics and movies. The language of symbolism and emotion is universal, and often this is the language of telepathy, which allows them to communicate even with people who don’t speak the same language as them, or animals, and nature in general.

Though if the telepath is particularly powerful, it’s said they can directly communicate with words inside someone’s mind, but this is the rarest of the rare. Usually, this type of telepath is some sort of ascended master, saint, yogi, or a holy person like the Buddha, Jesus, shamans, ext.

Though it’s important to note that a telepath using telepathy can do so in a way that influences the minds of others without any evidence of doing so. They can transmit ideas, desires, or emotions, without that person ever realizing it. Many sacred enlightening texts have been said to have been channeled by a higher being, which is probable to have been a telepath with immense spiritual power.

5. Astral Projection

Astral projection (AKA out of body experience) has a variety of different perspectives on how to look at it. Still, at its core, it’s the ability to separate oneself from the physical body to travel in an etheric dimension overlapping the physical one, and on one level is a perfect mirror of our world. The consciousness of the person is projected into their subtle energy body, allowing them to exist beyond the laws of physics. There are many levels of the astral plane other than the etheric double that mirrors our world. In fact, there are far too many levels/spheres of the astral plane to ever count in one lifetime.

To many traditions, basically, all humans travel the astral plane every single time they sleep, it’s the realm of dreams. The mental plane is different than the astral plane, but they are very similar/connected in that the imagination and beliefs of someone take tangible form on the astral planes. Thoughts and beliefs can even give life to things in the astral, with some thoughtforms even becoming sentient and taking on an autonomous life of their own separate from their creator.

When someone can astral project, they can consciously enter the astral plane. Where the only limitation is one’s own consciousness and mind. In the astral realms, one can travel at the speed of thought, and with practice, even interact with space-time to an extent. With practice, these people can fly in their astral bodies, teleport, and travel to higher levels as well as the nightmarish lower levels of the astral plane. One can even dreamwalk into the dreams of others, giving their subconscious mind insight and guidance.

Since the level of the astral plane overlapping our physical world is connected, an astral projector can even visit people they know in real-time, seeing the astral double of them and the environment they happen to be. A projector can even travel through time itself, though only as an observer.

The only thing an astral traveler has to be worried about is the old adage, as above so below. For everything, there is another that dualizes it, such as wherever there’s light, there’s a shadow, sunrise, and sunset, ext. All things are made of polarities and duality. If something exists in the material world, a representation of it exists somewhere in the astral. What I mean is there are monsters and primordial entities ineffable and beyond human comprehension that dwell in the astral planes. Just like there are spiders in our material world, there are astral entities that basically do the same thing they do; only they are not limited by the laws of evolution and physics imposed by the material world (meaning they can be horrifying beyond belief). This series of opposites goes on infinitely to the point human consciousness might be driven insane if they view things too far beyond the mind’s ability to comprehend.

Basically, all Yogi, mystics, shamans, occultists, and spiritually enlightened people have the ability to astral project intentionally and consciously.

6. Teleportation

There have been many tales of gurus appearing as if from nowhere, materializing from thin air. There are many yogic tales where a great master just appears out of nowhere to teach someone or even a group of followers. A lot of times, it’s a yogi whose presence is known to be extremely far away or even deceased.

In the book Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda, the yogi goes into detail about an Ascended Master named Babaji. This highest level Yogi has many supernatural accounts that surround him, with many of them having a vast host of witnesses. The great guru could not be contained by the material plane, and allegedly transcended life and death.

The supernatural powers of the Indian mystics are profound and powerful, making them nigh on gods to ordinary humans (good thing they are so enlightened and humble).  The yogic teleportation gives the guru the ability to enter all worlds, from Brahma Loka (the heavens) to the Netherworld (hellish domains), and the body moves where thought sends it, enabling the guru to travel far beyond the speed of light.

Virtually all the planes of existence are open to the yogi, and they can fold through them at will. Since all matter is one, and separation an illusion, the gurus can touch anywhere in space-time and walk through like a doorway, because they have become one with the infinite.

7. Mediumship

People with the ability of mediumship can witness the astral double (subtle energy body) of deceased humans, or the unseen forces of spiritual entities such as elementals, demons, and spirits of all natures invisible to human sense organs.

Though there are also traditions that think ghosts are the soul of a dead person, this is only one way to look at it, and a very mainstream way. In the deeper spiritual traditions, ghosts are not the soul of a dead person, because many aspects make up a human being. Consciousness itself has no attachment to the physical world in quantum physics. In psychology, the conscious mind and ego are actually very small parts that make up a person as a whole, with the unconscious/subconscious being vastly larger, and the purer form of an individualized person.

Mediums can witness the variety of ghost types, including psychic imprints, which are spirits that are stuck in a never-ending loop (usually revolving around their death or traumatizing event), and are unaware of what they are or what they are even dead. They can also witness the subtle energy body of a deceased person retaining a level of consciousness that can stay behind long after the soul passes on into the spirit realms. Or even the souls of mystical people who in life learned to intentionally separate their consciousness from their physical body and project it into their astral bodies.

There is a fine line between necromancers and mediums, but it’s very blurry. However, by a necromancer, I don’t mean bringing people back to life or raising skeletons from the ground (though according to legend and mythology this did happen), because the original term of necromancer beyond fantasy fiction is a person with the ability to summon and commune with the deceased. So, necromancy is basically a form of mediumship by a different name. If you believe in the Bible, Jesus was an extremely powerful (if not the most powerful to ever exist) necromancer.

A medium can interact with forces from the spiritual planes through summoning or even the spirits coming to them on their own. However, this ability also comes with a lot of dangers. Mediums can be very unhealthy and die early deaths if they don’t have proper grounding work and spiritual training. They can also be fooled into doing horribly self-destructive things or giving others who seek their guidance by communicating with the dead wrong information or even outright lies. There is always an entity willing to step into the shoes of the person or spirit a person is trying to communicate with, and without the ability to test and see through the deception of spiritual beings, the medium is most likely doomed.

8. Biokinesis

Biokinesis is changing the structure of one’s body to heal or sustain great heat or cold, or damage in general. It is not only the manipulation of energy in one’s physical body but the spiritual essence within as well.

Tibetan Monks of the Tummo sect are renown across the world for their ability to meditate so deeply; they can change the very temperature of their bodies at will. The Tummo’s master, the famous Zhu, can focus on channeling the heat of his body so well he can channel it into his hands, which he then uses to heal and soothe. Zhu can demonstrate his biokinesis by drying damp things in his had such as soft clay and can hold a glass of water in his hand and bring it to a boil. This has baffled scientists, but Zhu and the Tummo monks are not alone in their ability to perform biokinesis.

Altering one’s body temperature is just one aspect of biokinesis. Certain reports state that those with this ability can also shift the energy of their bodies to sustain great heat. I’m sure you’ve seen people walking over coals before, but this can also be used to sit in a giant pot of boiling water and remain unharmed, something that has also been demonstrated by monks of the East many times over.

Wim Hof from Iceland, better known as “The Ice Man,” is famous for meditating out in the freezing wilderness and bathing in ice water without suffering any ill whatsoever. His body can be in sub-zero temperatures and does not suffer from exposure or frostbite. For decades Wim has sustained freezing temperatures, even laying in the snow shirtless and in shorts, for long periods of time, with the cold never hurting him. To Wim, it’s all about the mind, breath, and training of the cardiovascular system. This amazing man from Holland is probably the most mainstream example of biokinesis.

But, even everyday people are capable of biokinesis without even realizing it. If you’ve ever heard of a placebo or even been tricked by a placebo, then you know what I’m talking about. They are usually sugar pills that are given to someone telling them it is a real pill that cures whatever ailment they have. It’s just a sugar pill, though, and has no medicinal properties whatsoever. However, people get better anyway, and this is called the placebo effect. Astonishingly, the placebo effect has been scientifically proven to be almost on par with real medication. The mind is a powerful thing, and anyone is capable of biokinesis.

9. Levitation

This one is classically attributed to Yogi of India or Buddhist monks of the highest caliber. Those with the ability of levitation can bend space-time and defy the laws of physics to a degree. In the Indian Vedas, there is an entire chapter on levitation. Sadly the language is so old and the context is forgotten, it’s impossible to translate it to the modern for of the Indian language. So many words may mean different things concerning levitation in the Vedas, and what translation is being used. Despite this legend says there are few that know the secret to this famous ability.

The phenomenon of flying Lamas has been witnessed by so many devout Buddhist monks and practitioners of Hinduism that it’s eyebrow-raising. But, many saints, too, were said to defy gravity and levitate off the ground according to the canon of western culture as well. In any case, though, only the most enlightened, devout, and holy can achieve the ability to levitate.

Levitation is a physical manifestation of the malleability of reality and the mental nature it truly is, with the physical matter that makes up the universe being 99% empty space, and all things given form through differing levels of vibration. Those with the ability to levitate can break free from the laws of nature that impose limitations of the limitless. Even modern physics knows the energetic nature of matter, and that’s mainstream science.

It seems that the highest level Yogis have wholly mastered this reality to such a high level; the laws of physics don’t apply to them. There is no spoon.

10. Remote Viewing

The psychic phenomenon of remote viewing has been taken very seriously by governments across the planet for many decades now. Essentially remote viewing is having consciousness gain information beyond the physical body. In its early days of more mainstream study, it was called “telesthesia” or “traveling clairvoyance.” It has also been called “anomalous cognition” and “second sight.”

Remote viewing is a mixture oh psychic abilities all working together, such as the already mentioned astral projection, but also extrasensory perception, clairvoyance, and telepathy to a degree. A remote viewer can see things even if they are not physically there. They can also get psychic imprints on items and go to locations completely beyond their knowledge based on the energy alone. They can watch people on the other side of the world, listen to conversations, or even see information within sealed documents and envelopes.

Remote viewing has been used by many intelligence agencies, including the US government and CIA. This was sparked by the Russians doing their own psychic experiments many decades ago, and has even had a movie made about the early research into remote viewing and other paranormal abilities by the U.S. Government called “The Men Who Stare at Goats”. However, today these studies are demonized after becoming public knowledge, and the media has been used to make the mainstream herd think of it as only the whims of crackpots or the naive. The true use and research of remote viewing have gone top-secret, and knowing how governments work, anything mainstream they say is probably b.s. It is 100% certain the experiments with remote viewing is alive and well.

Some that possess the ability to remote view have even claimed to encounter a “remote viewing police” type group of other remote viewers ran by the government that tries to restrict other nongovernment remote viewers from seeing some things, such as certain parts of the Moon. Such claims of covert government attempts to limit people from exploring beyond mundane existence have been given by astral projectors as well. They seem to be a type of “Men in Black” for the natures of extrasensory practitioners.

The most fascinating thing about remote viewing is, it really doesn’t have limitations. Essentially an advanced remote viewer can view anything in the universe. But, there are also dangers of remote viewing. If you stare long enough into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.

Have you experienced any anomalies?

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