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In this episode of CC, we’re joined by Dimetries Leroy Smith, the host of the show Anything Goes Renegade Podcast to talk about energy, with co-hosts Gabriel Badass and Angie Allen jumping in for a bit to help elaborate on the ineffable topic. Hit up this link to go check out Dimetries’ podcast site and splurge on all his content (https://anchor.fm/dimetries%20).

In any case, be prepared for an ear-full of mind-boggling enigmas concerning the nature of Quantum Mechanics and energy, as well as Dimetries’ esoteric views and background with the energetic art of Reiki, which is basically energy massage therapy. Anything goes in this episode, the weirder the better. Som comes on dear listener and join in on our conversation concerning the nature of energy from many different perspectives.

Remember, Cryptic Chronicles is not about trying to convince anyone of anything, moreso just exploring different ways of thinking in new and interesting forms beyond mainstream awareness. So think for yourself and trust your own judgments.

So go visit Anything Goes Renegade Podcast you open-minded sage you. Oh, and Call Cryptic Chronicles to tell us your own accounts of the unexplained to have shared on the show 1-800-757-6049 (remember to be clear and concise).

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