Nikola Tesla was a man so ahead of his time much of his work was classified or suppressed by governments around the world. Tesla had an ongoing struggle with the U.S. government because his ideas and inventions would undermine the status quo of the world itself. What separated Tesla from the other great inventors of the late 19th and 20th century was his dedication to the betterment of humanity, and not the size of his bank account or personal power, like so many others. This benevolence was his guiding light, much to the frustration of the elite and amoral American business tycoons dominating the country then as they do now.

This animosity would lead to the government, not including Tesla in schools across the nation and giving the brilliant man no credit for many wondrous technological inventions still in use today. This Slavic immigrant is the father of the modern technological world. Tesla gave us alternating current, which powers the globe. He gave us radio, fluorescent lighting, remote control, robotics, and so much more, yet he was shouldered to the side to make room for people like Edison, who didn’t have half the intellect or creative genius that Nikola Tesla possessed.

This man who gave us so much was robbed of his place in history, and for so long was relatively forgotten by the public. The elite hated Tesla so badly, they conducted a smear campaign against him in the media, calling him mad, queer (which back then meant strange), he was a germaphobe, among tons of other slanders during their character assassination of him, many of which are still widely believed till this day. They continued this even until his death, as the F.B.I. frantically raided all of Tesla’s belongings to steal his research. They literally wanted to erase one of the most influential and important men who ever lived from history. Thankfully much of his research and secrets remain hidden even now. If and when these secrets are ever recovered, it could mean a golden age for human progression(Or spell doom for us all). Until then, we are left with the known lost inventions of Nikola Tesla that never saw the renown they deserved. Though in this world of smoke and mirrors, there is most likely many more lost inventions of Tesla that no one will ever hear about.

The Tesla Tower

In 1901 Nikola Tesla was financed by J.P. Morgan to create a tower that would change the way electricity was transferred between electronics and how signals could be sent. This Tesla Tower would use the planet itself to conduct signals. But, Tesla’s genius went far beyond those ambitions, and his drive to better the human race, not the corporation’s profit, is what fueled his drive to complete this towering invention. Tesla not only implemented the tower’s intended functions easily but also adapted it for wireless electrical power delivery. This would get rid of the need for any type of wired conduit, the many types of environmentally damaging generators. Tesla also intended it to energize planes flying through the air as a source of fuel. This invention would have been able to power entire cities wirelessly, which is insane to think about.

The Tesla Tower was being built a hundred years ago, but still seems sci-fi by our modern understanding of how electricity powers electronics. The tower would also be able to supply an unlimited amount of power, which Tesla hoped would bring light to all the darkest corners of the world. Every third world country could enjoy lighted homes, cities, and streets. This would have saved countless lives, and relieved much suffering for underdeveloped countries on a global scale. The Tesla towers could be replicated and set up everywhere, free energy, for everyone, forever. But, when J. P. Morgan got wind of this the project’s funding was scrapped, and the corporation made sure the Tesla Tower would never come to be. Why would they? There was no profit to be gained, and governments and companies across the world could not be charging people a lifetime’s worth of bills for something Tesla almost gave us for free. Not to mention the oil companies would be obsolete, which would have greatly decreased the modern pollution damaging the Earth.

The Death Beam

Even as an old man Nikola Tesla had such a benevolent and good-willed nature towards human civilization it’s difficult to understand why he would invent something called a Death Beam. But considering the device’s actual function, the Tesla we know and love becomes evident. Instead of being a tool to inflict wanton death upon sovereign enemy states, it was actually an ingenious invention of avoiding war altogether. Tesla promised the weapon could drop armies of millions in their tracks, which did intrigue a plethora of military minds.

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The weapon accelerated mercury particles at 48 times the speed of sound within a vacuum, then shoot a beam of energy through the air with enough power to eradicate anything in its path. The beam was changeable, able to be widened or focused like a laser. It could wipe out an entire fleet of warships in one fell swoop, and bring down a nation’s entire airforce in a moment from up to 250 miles away, thus negating the ability for countries to bomb one another into submission. The press would call the weapon “Tesla’s Death Ray” and compared it with many pulp sci-fi tales of the day.

Sounds too good to be true right? The only problem was the Death Beam was a defensive weapon and immobile. Its purpose was to end wars or to cause wars to become pointless. No country could invade another if they all acquired these weapons, it would be too costly. Strangely (or brilliantly), Tesla would give only pieces of the weapon’s schematics to the allies during WWII, meaning they would have to collaborate with one another in order to put it together, and even then it would require Tesla for them to fully understand how the whole thing functioned. This made many high-ranking members of the armed forces skeptical, but the main reason it became shunned by the military is that it was useless on the offensive.

The U.S. Government quietly hushed Tesla and his Death Beam, revoking any support for him to create it. Then they chose to finance the creation of the Atomic Bomb, a far more useful weapon to inflict death on other countries’ soil and much more intimidating to use as a dominating force against weaker nations. Tesla died shortly after, but the plans were out there. Many believe the Death Beam has been re-purposed in modern technology like H.A.A.R.P. among other waveform energy weapons. Though they are a shadow of what they could have been under Tesla’s watchful gaze, and like usual the brilliant man goes discredited for his work.

Earthquake Machine

In 1893, Tesla patented a remarkable device dubbed the Earthquake Machine A.K.A Tesla’s Oscillator. This steam-powered mechanical oscillator could vibrate at insane speeds to the point it generated electricity. This machine could be tuned towards certain vibrations of objects that would greatly undermine their stability. Tesla could demonstrate the device causing the ground to vibrate to the point the shaking emulated an earthquake (Hence the name). Altering the vibration of the machine changed what it would, and would not influence. Though it was never demonstrated to the full capacity of its destructive potential, hypothetically this means that the machine could shake certain things to pieces in a building while the rest remained unharmed. Even making people explode in a shower of gore, while everything around them remained the same.

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During an example of its power, Tesla turned the machine to the vibrations close to the steel of the building and put the fear of God into the witnesses who thought the entire building was going to collapse around them. One of them grabbed a hammer and started smashing the machine to make the shaking stop. Outside on the street people thought an actual earthquake was going on and all hell broke loose. When the police investigated, Tesla and his assistant claimed ignorance and said it must have been an earthquake (which is hilarious). In an interview, a reporter once asked what Tesla would need to destroy the Empire State Building? To which he responded, “vibrations can do anything”. Most likely Tesla scrapped this invention out of fear it could be weaponized… but who knows?; it could be out there today. There are many top-secret weapons the common people know nothing about. But if you use your imagination you can probably think of sometimes throughout history this sort of technology could have played a part.

Flying Machine

This one’s a little bit more out there. But it is true that Tesla was working on his “dynamic theory of gravity” as early as 1897. He told the New York Herald back in 1911 that he was developing anti-gravity technology intended to power a flying machine. In those days most machines were powered by oil or petroleum. Like usual though, Tesla threw all the “stuff” everyone else thought about how things worked out the window and used his own form of energy that he could pull out of the atmosphere or the planet itself. Tesla reportedly would use an electromagnetic field to alter the direction of gravity around the machine, giving it flight and propulsion. Here is a quote of Tesla concerning his flying machine in a rare interview:

“My flying machine will have neither wings nor propellers. You might see it on the ground and you would never guess that it was a flying machine. Yet it will be able to move at will through the air in any direction with perfect safety, higher speeds than have yet been reached, regardless of weather and oblivious of “holes in the air” or downward currents. It will ascend in such currents if desired. It can remain absolutely stationary in the air, even in a wind, for a great length of time. Its lifting power will not depend upon any such delicate devices as the bird has to employ but upon positive mechanical action.”

So what happened to this flying machine Tesla was working on? Obviously, it didn’t come to fruition (or did it?). Well, it goes hand in hand with the Tesla Towers going the way of the dinosaur. Allegedly.. And I say allegedly because there is no proof, Tesla created a full working prototype. However, in order for the U.F.O.-like crafts to work, they required those towers that granted free electricity for everyone. The Tesla Towers would be like a gas station, and since they failed thanks to J. P. Morgan, there was no way to literally get them off the ground or to be mass-produced in any way. Tesla’s source of wireless free energy was key towards the invention being able to take flight. When the towers were abandoned, so too was this dream of Sci-Fi transportation. After his death, the research papers on these U.F.O.-like vehicles were stolen by the F.B.I. They also seized the patents of the device for reasons of “national security”. So the U.S. government has all the information on Tesla’s flying machine and has since declined to respond to any questions regarding the subject.

The Thought Camera

Then there’s Tesla’s Thought Camera. He very much believed that thoughts could be captured on film. The inspiration for his theories on the subject going back as far as 1893, in which he concluded that an image could linger on the eyeball’s retina, and with a suitable apparatus, could actually be viewed by others or even be projected onto a wall. Tesla’s ambitions went further than just a picture caught on the retina being projected; the projection of someone’s thoughts as well. In 1933, he told reporters all about his theories concerning the subject.  This sparked the interest of law enforcement because there was a common myth that when a person died the last thing they saw was ingrained upon the retina. If there was a device to see this last image, then it could mean an efficient new way to solve crimes, especially murders. People back then did believe the eye worked similar to a camera, so it wasn’t too far off for an average person to grasp. This was when Tesla was at the age of 78 and his character assassination had been underway for years. So he found no real funding for the project, and the hype surrounding the device slowly faded as most people were inclined to think little of him.


It’s a shame so much of what Nikola Tesla could have created never came to be because he didn’t “play the game” but that’s one of his most endearing qualities. He was incorruptible in a world surrounded by the corrupted and refused to fall in line with the agendas of the powerful and wealthy. Which he paid for dearly. Tesla was no businessman out to capitalize on his inventions or grow rich. He called himself a discoverer, not an inventor, and only wished to uplift humanity with his ridiculously gifted intellect. But despite all the adversity thrown his way the man was sturdy as a rock and is without question the father of the modern technological world, and the greatest inventor the world has ever known.

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Imagine what the world would be like today if all the inventions above came to pass? It would be a world free of hunger, with flying cars zooming through the skies. Everyone all across the globe would have electricity, and there would be a much less defined line between the haves and the have-nots. Corporations wouldn’t swamp us in bills all our lives for every little thing, and it would all around be a brighter future. Despite all the censorship and suppression, Nikola Tesla changed the world for the better and deserves to be remembered as one of the most important men who ever lived.

We love you Telsa thank you for everything you gave the ordinary people of the world and never using your genius for personal profit or greed.

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