John Dee has been mostly edited out of history despite having a massive influence on the modern world. Why is this? Well, that’s not an easy question to answer. Dee was easily the most educated man of his age and a genius. He was a master of more skills and professions than anyone else in the known world. Dee was also the right hand of the Queen of England and a master of spies. However, despite Dee’s prestige and success at court, the people of England would turn their backs on him. The main reason for this is because Dee was deeply into esotericism and dabbled in things most people of the time would consider evil. Others say Dee was cursed. In any case, John Dee has become legendary for his Enochian conversations. Let’s explore Dee and see how weird we can get!

“John Dee and the Empire of Angels”

“John Dee By Charles River Editors”

“The Complete Mystical Records Of John Dee”

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